Google AdSense You Pay Little By The Ads On Your Blog?

Google AdSense You Pay Little By The Ads On Your Blog

There are many factors that determine the value of clicks you receive on the advertising of Google AdSense placed in your blog or website, some publishers earn well by clicks and ad impressions, but others are paid very little for it it is important to know the reason for this.

Reasons can be as varied as: Choosing a bad theme, Little Courage blog, Clicks fruitless, Short Supply ads by advertisers, inappropriate formats, Mala location of the boxes (blocks) ad. It is quite possible that you have all these factors against or only part of them, without being an expert hopefully clarify some doubts and help you to Google AdSense pays you best for ads in your blog.

Help To Earn More Using the AdSense Advertising

We have other publications that talk about how to make more money with Google AdSense on them talk about the best paid themes, well today I addition to that pay well bring, and what are those worst pay to avoid them.

Also in the publication I leave several tips to make your blog or website more profitable with this advertising. One of them is the subject vary slightly to attract new visitors and new advertisers, just combine your traditional keywords with others to keep your audience what you get new readers while more ads for your blog.

Why Google AdSense You Pay Little E Impressions Clicks For Free?

Let's see what might be going on your blog to Google AdSense pay you as little clicks and ad impressions. Analyze your website based on the information below and change what is wrong, but while strengthening what is right:

Mala Theme

Many entrepreneurs choose a topic of little commercial value, it is very possible that your blog or optimized to win this well with the ads either. I mean, Google takes into account from the url, website name, the title of the post, user search history, labels h at the entrance and this to show relevant ads.

It can and should use the Google AdWords tool to see the value of phrases that build your web site and publications, but I leave some of the best and worst thematic paid by AdSense.

Best Paid Themes

     1- Mortgages.
     2- Finance.
     3- Money.
     4- Travel.
     5- holidays.
     6- flights.
     7- hotels.
     8- Hosting.
     9- Medicine.
     10- Business.
     11- Cars.
     12- Construction.

Worst Paid Themes

     1- Tones phones.
     2- Facebook.
     3- Movies.
     4- Comics.
     5- Humor.
     6- flash games.

Shortly Value Blog

A blog with little content, few visitors, little traffic and interactions with users, is a place of little value to Google and is sure that the number of advertisers who want to appear will be very low. Increase the value of your website and have better paid advertisements.

fruitless clicks

Google keeps a record of everything that happens on your website, is the reason why many bloggers say that after a while the value of your ads has dropped significantly. What happens is that the boss never fails to click on the ads and these become ifructiferos (also accidental).
If people visit your sponsors, but do not subscribe, purchase or perform the action expected of them in the future will pay less for the click as the average conversion on your blog is very low.

Short supply ads by advertisers

I have seen that there is less supply of ads on certain days so also less competition between them. Just look at your blog or website and you will see that there are ads that come and go (campaigns that last little or only put seasonal). In this case all we can do is continue to publish and if possible to vary somewhat the theme to attract new listings.

Inadequate formats

Google gives several recommendations which ad formats are better, but personally I like that you can see in this blog. Some places just text blocks and that's a mistake, it is true that you can achieve more clicks, but it's also true that you can pay less because it eliminates much of the competition among advertisers.

The explanation is this: if we have blocks of text and images, all of our themes are publicist will be fighting for a place in our web ads, and Google AdSense as a good businessman who is only put to better pay.

Poor location of the boxes (blocks) ad

While above is an ad, they pay more. Also inside the box showing various ads while the top one tends to pay better. They are paying to be there.

I recommend putting your ad units above the first, the second beside her and instead put that almost always see post below and click no, that also put right by post further down the other as they are in this blog.

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