5 Key Elements that can Help you Win links to your blog Natural Way

5 Key Elements that can Help you Win links to your blog Natural Way

If you considering an invitation to apply for linking your blog and then do the same, thinking more visits, I think again!

That is a thing of the past and lacks any effectiveness. Rarely these links will generate clicks, since you are not referring to anything that might interest a user ...

In addition, Google does not like such practices. Imagine arriving at a page and see there dozens of links all disorganized and unrelated to each other ... do you generate this confidence? To me and probably not your users either.

There are more effective ways to build links naturally, or so-called organic links that can help you generate traffic to your site.

The key is to get others to link to you because they think you offer something valuable, or because the spread some content and describe below, you need to link to. In other words generate useful content and "awaken interest" is key.

If you already have some views, it's time to create viral content, meaning he, who generate great encouragement for broadcast. We see what it is;)

Create an infographic
A infografa is a graphical representation of information or data which briefly and concisely, using mostly images, a topic discussed in particular.

They are well received by users and has now become a very effective marketing strategy. If you know how to use a program like Photoshop or Paint.Net, this is your big chance.You have to create one!

Tip: As a tip I can tell you not think an infographic about anything, creates a topic that may be useful, interesting or have much height at that time. Make it concise, and well structured. The user can understand at a glance the order you have, and go easy understanding their composition, and of course that is visually appealing. Once created, post on your blog and if they like users, you'll see that receive links because it was shared;)

Some time ago I created my first computer graphics in which he spoke about the limits Blogger account and received much support. Take this opportunity to thank :)

Have in mind an interesting topic, and you have no idea how to start creating one? You can explore examples of infographics on Visual.ly, for inspiration.

If you know nothing about design, not you be discouraged, there are online tools that help you create an infographic using as a basis predesigned templates Want to see more information about computer graphics and how to create one from online templates ?

Make an online guide
A Guide is an informational material that explains in detail how to use something or how to do something. In these times, where most abundant on the Internet is the information, keep in one place for detailed instructions on something, it is extremely grateful.

Tip: for example be instructions for using a program such as Word, or instructions detail how to use a tool like Google Analitycs, or AdSense, among other topics that are targeted to arouse the interest of your audience.

You can use a static page of your blog to put there the guide, so that it can be shared by other easily, and also can add the link to your navigation menu so that your visitors can access it.

Free Offer Any usable Web Resource
I mean that resource which can be downloaded for future use. While the guides can be downloaded if you have and do not allow for example be displayed on websites.

Tip: With the boom that exists on the updates of social networks, a good idea would be to create a good set of icons to offer them on your page. If you lack the tools or knowledge to do, ask a designer to do it for you !. Preferably offer it exclusively, ie it can not be redistributed elsewhere. But if you can be referred for download from your site. Another idea would be to create a template for a resume, or a unique design cards. By providing a useful resource in your blog, other webmasters will want to recommend it to your site.

Make comic tutorial
If you're good at drawing, you ingéniatelas to make a tutorial comic. Use good humor. Most people we like funny things and that we can draw a smile or a laugh. Also, see concepts or ideas explained with drawings or animations.

Tip: You can choose a topic of great height, or think you may be compromised arouse interest in the emotions of users. You can see an example in this post where he shared a tutorial on comic:

Make a video tutorial
For example explaining the procedure to do something. Focus on finding any special needs they may have your users to create the video. Problem solving is very well received gratefully and with great ability to be promoted.

Final Tips

I think it hurts to say it but, all content listed above must be free. If you think you've created material that deserves to be seen by others, do not hesitate to show it to other webmasters who are related or topics related blogs. This can make offer to assist in the dissemination of such content. The worst that can happen is you do not say anything :) and if so, will not lose anything.

Power the content that you create using reliable and verifiable sources, that will cause the contents to gain credibility and be shared.


While creating high-quality articles can generate natural links to your site, then your users will share it on your social networks, or your own blog, the type of content you mentioned is more likely to receive links simply because it is highly sought and I wanted! So do not hesitate to create. Requires a long time, I know, but things easy are not necessarily the best right?

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