What to write in a Blog ?

What to write in a Blog

Today it is fashionable to be a blogger, so many seek to create their offspring on the Internet. With a view to create a blog - highly individual for each question. For some blog - a way to make money, for others - prestige, and for a great part - the ability to express themselves. In any of these cases, the author who creates a resource, usually know what to write about in your blog.

Blog dedicated to one or more topics, created for a specific target audience, with a specific task, but even that can not save the author of a creative crisis, when it is not known what to publish in the next post. How to search for a way to solve this issue, discuss in this article.
Self-organization of the note or not crazy

Planning - is the key to the success of any operation. And blogging - is no exception. Already in the process of the emergence of the idea of your site, chances are you have set the theme for several posts. It is very important that you do it systematically, creating a clear plan or approximate publications.

Some blogging gurus say that if you have not finished at least twenty texts, it is not necessary to start and build a resource. Perhaps this is an exaggeration, but the twenty - it is quite a good start. From time to time, this list should be replenished based on the already existing posts and keeping the blog topic.

Write lyrics - creative work, for which you need inspiration. Maybe you noticed that sometimes at night, when sleep has not yet come, and thought about the day faded, come to us dozens of ideas. And what do we do? We think that tomorrow necessarily translate them, or at least, we write. But there it was! The next morning all the ideas somewhere to evaporate. Therefore, you should always have on hand a pencil to paper or even a cell phone to immediately fix an interesting idea.

Good ideas and even whole sentences, sometimes arise in the head during a walk, meet friends, washing dishes, so write them down, not relying on his own memory, which can bring, and happy to use in the future.
Blogger and his life

Often readers are interested in not only his blog as a source of information, but the author himself. Yes, his life with all the features, habits, family. This is such a desire to learn all the details of life with showbiz stars. People interested in communicating with a specific person and not a robot. This gives you the opportunity to write about myself. Do not be afraid to put your photos, talk about their own interests, travel, work, divided feelings of read or seen.

Went to the premiere of the film? Share your thoughts about it. You have a son? Share the joy with the readers.

Share experiences with readers

In the life of every human being has to solve certain problems, introducing the lesson. Why not show your way to solving a particular problem if, if you come to it's own through trial and error? What to write in a blog? Communicate with the computer to you? Create a tutorial with screenshots for installed software. It turned out to resuscitate cyclamen? Put your tips and recommendations.

Share experiences and possible way to create a master-classes, laying them in a photo or video format. As they say, better to see once than hear a hundred times. Unique pictures together with your comments to help readers learn a lot, and you will bring even more subscribers. Especially as it diversifies your posts that will surely be appreciated by visitors.


Favorite activity is present in every human being. Most likely, and the resource will be dedicated to a particular hobby. In this case, the problem of what to write in the blog may not exist for you, since you'll always be inspired to create something new, look for interesting data and share it all with visitors to the resource. But if a few hobbies, you can combine them successfully.

For example, a blog dedicated to cooking, you can publish not only the recipes and tips on cooking dishes, but also show the results of crochet, cross stitch or beading, put their own poems or stories. It is important that your target audience loved it, as you can ask them yourself.

If your blog has a specific theme, do not be afraid to touch on related topics. Because people rarely interested in anything a small care aside only strengthen his interest in the resource.

If you place an embroidery processes can safely write about baguette workshops, history of embroidery, discuss trends. Write about earnings in the Internet? Take a couple of time management articles, reviews of books on business topics, reviews about webinars or training.

New look

Diversify the content of the resource, you can use other people. Do not be surprised, it does not mean someone else to rewrite articles. You can invite a person's blog, which will be of interest to readers. This can be done in any manner:

- Invite this person to write a post;

- To interview him;

- Make a photo report.

And it does not necessarily have to be the one who leads his life and knows what to write in the blog.

People who have achieved success, a career, or those famous star who is just starting to rise, will be able to express their opinions, share the secrets. And if you can, you can invite them systematically.
active readers

Feedback from Readers - bottomless source of ideas for posts. If you conduct a dialogue with them, they put their questions, write comments, which inspired the text, and even asked to write on a particular topic.

You can also make a survey that will allow you to publish relevant to visitors of pages of text, and describe the results of a survey.

Competition among readers - another solution to the problem of what to write in the blog. His organization, process, results, discussion, can you provide the right to publish the material.

I hope the article has helped you in solving your problem. Create and graduate your readers!

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