On what topic to create a website?

On what topic to create a website

The creators of the site are divided into two conditional groups - those who already know what the topic will create a website and those who are still undecided. The first implement the ready, ripe for their ideas and the creation of the site - a trick. For the second important fact of creating the site, and the question on what theme to create a site is secondary. They often have to pick up the theme along with design.

But even the fact that creating a website, a person does not know what he will not deprive of the right to existence of the resource. The Internet is not difficult to find people who will provide unique content to the desired theme for a reasonable price. Furthermore, these sites could potentially become popular in the network, provided that the content is literate useful and interesting.

Orientation - human interest

What people are interested? Rhetorical question. Every man has his hobby, his needs. Music lovers, sportsmen, Tolkienists, fishermen, fans, needlewoman, and many others - all of them need interesting portals, platforms to communicate with their own kind.

They attack the searchers keyword query "tie blouse crochet", "catch on Caddis" and "Japanese culture." All of them you will not be able to meet - that's understandable. The maximum that you can do - create a website on the subject of generalizing.

Generalizing themes for websites

Most relevant to the modern world is a virtual social network and dating sites. The main theme of these resources - communication and familiarity, bringing people from different countries, people search. Troublesome enough today to create global social networks - they have a big enough and strong competition.

So if you want and create a social network - then try to start to focus on their city. If you're lucky, and your portal will love people, move on.


The time now difficult and people unconsciously seek psychological relief. This is the reason that all the polls loved comic portals. No matter what your site - whether it will be packed with the most vulgar and stupid jokes or satire abound virtuoso finest intellectuals, your visitors themselves will find you.

Add to your site funny pictures and interesting stories, funny quizzes and games, the ability of users to add their materials and periodic contests for "most ridiculous photo" or "the funniest status" and less than a year, the daily flow of visitors, you are guaranteed. Provided that you can actually laugh them all.


People have to eat every day, so if you think what topic to create a site that he was popular, no doubt, choose cooking. The target audience is unlimited culinary sites. Mistress-hlopotushki, pupils and students, husbands homebody, loving grandmother, novice and experienced caring wife bachelors looking for a variety of recipes.

Who foie gras from turkey Give, and some of the master class cooking simple scrambled not refuse. If the range of recipes on the site will be broad and include the entire spectrum of primitive and complex recipes, including recipes and international cuisine, to be sure - in the year your resource bookmark the thousands.


Website about earnings is a universal portal where everyone can get - and the student and pensioner and even mercantile romantic nature. Financial crisis happens each and every once in your life enters into a search engine query "how to make money" or "how to get a lot of money." If you create sites on topics related to earnings, including virtual, they will be in demand.


Relationships, philosophy, love, sad stories and touching stories, pictures and pleykasty, meaningful statuses, psychology of relationships, passion between men and women ... We depart from this world, and it will remain and will continue for centuries. Therefore competently composed and well-advertised portal about relationships, love and romance is doomed to popularity.


Personal Care, Beauty, fashion and sport - these topics relevant to all. Women lose weight, build muscle man, someone needs to pump up the biceps, and someone to clean the stomach. Teens looking for how to remove pimples, sedate ladies - how to fight wrinkles, amorphous nymphet - how to make a glamorous makeover.

Someone starts Monday rock press, someone needs to know more about sports nutrition, someone to pick up her skirt to match the bag. If you combine all on one portal, the daily searches thousands of cosmetology, figure, fashion, style, manners and will lead you to the visitors.

Hand Made

This is not only a female prerogative. Needlework in all its manifestations - knitting, embroidery, origami, decoupage, you can as a portal to promote and create websites on a particular form of needlework. Men are more interested in radio technology, the creation of interesting gadgets and modeling. Women - All decorative associated with registration.

Children, pregnancy, family

Procreation - tasks relating to each. And if in your city yet portal on baby, take your time to fill this niche. Young and "experienced" mom immediately shall flow together to gossip to your resource for colic and frequent Icahn, diathesis and service in hospitals.

If you add a forum, rest assured - it will overflow in the near future topics not only about parenting children, but absolutely not related to any children, no family, no common sense. The main thing - do not provoronte success. And do not create a website for children and the family, if your city already has such, because "settled down" progressive parents will not be in a hurry to move to a new site, that are accustomed to the interface of the old site.

"Passion" is not recommended

The success of the site is guaranteed if the threads on it correspond to the needs of the people. The biggest questions in the world, as shown by the search engines, touch of eroticism and sex. But this is a controversial area and it is not recommended to create a site on the erotic theme of his creator risk facing many problems related to resource lock on the search engines, difficulties in advertising and even legal troubles.

There are thousands of topics that interest people and can attract thousands of visitors - the main thing to look good and to work on the semantic component of the site. In this case, no matter what your portal, and whatever he was devoted, you will find its visitors.

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