It is always better to understand seo promotion

It is always better to understand seo promotion
Hello blog readers, today we talk a little bit about website promotion. The content plays an important role in seo promotion. The content of the web - site remains the most important aspect of your strategy for SEO. The SEO tactics is only useful if the content is good. Without quality content SEO tactics will help you manage your organic traffic to your site. Trying to optimize your site for Google, you can either cooperate with Google, or you can use the method of SEO. SEO method is a type of technology, and find ways to artificially increase your ranking, etc. These methods may work in the short term, but it is desirable to work together with Google in the long run.

It is always better to understand seo promotion.

When we speak, we should avoid using black SEO techniques and work together with Google in the long run, this means not only to respect the rules laid down Google, but incorporate them into your business to support it. Typically, Google works by providing search results or information that exactly match your search, or keyword, the server extracts information corresponding to the search query, its huge database. Simply put, a high rank in Google, it is very important to place the content that will interest visitors, and not using the content for the sake of ratings.

Popularization of quality content.

As mentioned earlier, with high-quality material, is of paramount importance, but a unique and useful content is not enough simple. Organic traffic will not be affected, even if you have good content. This is because Google will not know about your content.

This obstacle can be overcome by making the content of your article or popular. If you publish your article on Facebook, some of them will share it and others can cross it, etc. Google will keep track of all these references and recognize your content is of high quality. So, when someone searches for related topics article, your page will rank well on Google, and it will lead to more organic traffic to your site.

Delete old articles.

If any of your articles more than two years, and not a lot of readers, and have limited capital links, it is advisable to remove them. However, if you want to keep the old articles, you must enclose them in tag noindex, to your other, more recent article, do not lose their links.

Any page can be set tag NOINDEX.

Most people want their product to be ranked by Google, their home page. You also do not want to know the terms of use and privacy policy. You must enter into these pages to noindex, who will notify the search engines to rank them not at all. You can prevent your pages in the following ways:

     Change the robots.txt file, adding Disallow: / example-directory / example-page.html, add <meta name = "machine" content = "noindex"> in the page title,
     (or) Use the WordPress plugin. if you are on the wordpress

If you are the sole author, you should also disable indexing your files as it duplicates the content of your website, and you can get penalized by Google for duplicate content. Also complete your 404 error page.

Name start with the keyword.

How to improve the ranking? You must use the most important keywords in the title of your article. Tag header is the most important factor on the page to optimize keyword. You should also make sure that others link to your site is also using the same keyword. I advise you to read, how to promote a website.

Here we talked about some of the rules seo promotion. Do not forget that today Seo is power, not a reference weight can not hurt.


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I want to ask one question that how much visitors my blog should get in a day( mine is 150-100)


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