How to create a blog on WordPress?

How to create a blog on WordPress?

Most novice Internet users at some point begin to think about how to build a website or blog better, with more and earn on it. Implement such a venture with a willingness and desire to simply enough.

For right choice of engine, you need to decide what exactly you want to create - website, blog, or you are going to create some kind of program. The most popular by far the engine to create a small news sites and blogging is WordPress.

This CMS (content management system) is pretty easy to install even a very experienced user. With the help of such a program easily manage the content of the blog, or add new articles. To learn how to create a blog on wordpress, you can read below, but for now let us consider a couple of important points.

Choosing a hosting and domain

First, any engine would you choose, you should first solve the problem of choosing the hosting and domain name. Hosting (file allocation site on a web-server) can be both paid and free. On the first couple can try to use free hosting. Usually they are the designers of sites in several templates.

Choose a template, fill it with content, pictures or videos, and all your website is ready. However, free hosting often have little capacity and problems with the internet resusa. Paid hosting is given almost unlimited opportunities to work with the site, but have charged templates.

Payment is usually about 2,000 rubles a year, so purchase a paid hosting will not make any special material costs. Next is tied to the hosting domain name (website address on this hosting), which can also be paid or free.

Now let's talk about how to create a blog on wordpress.

Installing engine site (CMS) WordPress, will be made ​​by you, the more likely your own, on hosting. Therefore, to avoid potential problems when using your website or blog, it's better to use the services of a paid hosting.

Before starting the installation of the platform, make sure that the selected server meets the minimum requirements of WordPress. On technical issues can be forgotten if we make the right settings CMS.

Periodic reports will be coming will be updated, which can be automatically set by pressing the "Update". To install the engine, perform the following manipulations:

  • Creates a database (different hosting have different capabilities to create a database, however, if there is support for MySql database and php, deal with it will not be difficult);
  • From the official WordPress site download the latest version of the engine;
  • Add a site to your hosting (better to use a FTP client);
  • After the injection process will be completed in the browser address bar is necessary to register
  • In the window that opens, specify the name of your blog and your e-mail, next to "Allow search engines ..." should be a circle. Now you can press the "Install WordPress»;
  • In the window that opens you will see your user name and password that will be better to write down. Press "Enter" to open the admin panel through which you will decide how to create a blog on wordpress (through which you can create a design, manage content and install plug-ins).
  • Site created, how to attract visitors?

Once the platform is installed, you must perform the initial setup of your website or blog. This is done so that later no problems with search engines. And as you know you can make good money on the only popular site.

With the right approach to building your blog's attendance will be counted in thousands of users per day. 

To configure the necessary:

  • Configure the URL-address;
  • Remove the duplicate content on your site;
  • Install the plugin RusToLat;
  • Remove references from the template;
  • Create a map of your site.

Now you can begin to change the design or content writing. To change the design enough to change the template (theme). When it comes to choosing a theme, special attention should be paid to:

  • Functional design (depends on the ideas and needs of your blog);
  • Speed ​​(template must not increase the load on the server, it should be easy and fast, as it directly affects the attendance of your resource);
  • Design (in the good it has to be appealing and memorable, but even if it will not be very successful and still have good content, your site will still attend);
  • Your knowledge and abilities.

To create an icon on your site that is displayed in the active browser window, create a file favicon.ico. Thanks to this attribute after a search in Yandex, near the found materials seem this image. Icon help users recognize your online resource. With AAA Logo 2009 software, you can create your own logo and use it as a brand created in wordpress blog.

Let this registration virtually no impact on the attendance of your page, but will enhance the position of the resource in the eyes of search engines. By registering, you are inviting guests in search engines to your site. After searching the site system will no longer appear on the last page.

After a while the other search engines, which, by the way, very much, do find your site and index it.

Attendance of your online resource depends on the filled content. Using quality and unique content, creating new topics of interest to the visitor impact on the increased interest in your blog, but also attract new entrants.

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