Founder Android escaped from Google

Founder Android escaped from Google
Founder of Android Inc., and later head of the unit responsible for the mobile platform with Google (2013 headed the Department of Robotics), left the search corporation. Now Rubin intends to organize its own startup, also associated with the development of technology in the creation of robots.

According to CNET, leaving Rubin may have a negative effect on the operation of robotics division at Google. Recently, the company makes significant investments in this area, in particular, recently it has acquired Boston Dynamics and Atlas, known for its advanced high-tech developments. Rubin takes place Kaffner James, who joined Google in 2010 with the idea of "cloud" robots that can receive information from everywhere of the available networks.

It is noted that Andy Rubin has extensive experience in building successful companies from scratch, no matter how ambitious they are. His career began in the Carl Zeiss AG in 1986, he later worked at Apple and Microsoft.

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