MMFWU Reflection, Recycling and Renewal

MMFWU Reflection, Recycling and Renewal
Many days I could not sit quietly writing a post for the simple pleasure of sharing interesting content with blog readers ago. And the reason for that is that the material did not have time to write good content for readers Makemoneyfreewithus, but that will change starting in September, you'll see.

Personally I think we all go through different cycles and moods throughout the year; there are weeks that we are very creative, others we're very focused and productive, there are times of the year we are thoughtful, even there are months that we are not simply.

What I mean by this? That changes now play, how Bloggorium? o in my day to day? Changes, at all levels. And not just now but always. Over the years, I'm learning not to be afraid to change, it is more we should be constantly changing to adapt to the environment go, it's pure evolution.

So I've devised a plan (or I have been tracing only) if it works can patent it :)


For me it's the most important point of the three, as "the result of your thoughts, your future actions will come." Tweet this phrase. And these days I must admit I'm rather reflective, because I stake out many things about the blog and its next step, turn my passion into my career path. Gradually Bloggorium has led me down the right to achieve my goals way, but there is still a looong work to do, for that reason I must trace and follow a plan to study the current situation, expand and improve my knowledge and latter one renovate and retrofit Bloggorium to what the market is demanding it, both online and offline. Everything is very green and I think more and better, but what I have clear is that Bloggorium going to make the leap.


We all recycle ourselves, both personally and professionally. Saberte is fine alignment Brazil 78 'but Uncle ... memorizes who is playing the world this year with Brazil !! If you wanted me to understand, and what you've done and if you know you're late or slightly updated some aspects of your field training, you should get to it and recycle your knowledge. This advice has long me I have self applied and am in constant training through online courses, and is something that feels good, because learning helps you to think more clearly and see what career path you should follow, one thing leads to the other and so on. The vital retraining, unless you want your knowledge obsolete.


This part of the plan is the most fun for me, because if we talk about renewal, anything goes, all ideas may be valid and nothing should be ruled out, is the time (YES to all). Why yes to everything? Because ... "Always doing things the same way you get the same results." And I have this tweeting want different results, at all levels. I carry out my dreams and you must start somewhere, so I figure that earlier this year have already suffered this Bloggorium BLOGEVOLUCIÓN of which I am talking about :) Until then, you will notice changes in my tone, my articles will be other content, I want it to be cooler and friendlier, Behold, I want to tell you just as you would sitting with you having a few beers, I'm a little tired of the "excessive" formality unintentionally I have been giving the blog. For that reason today's post, so you're ready: "As in Mercedes .

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