Best Tips to increase your Google Adsense Earning

Best Tips to increase your Google Adsense Earning

Succeeding in Google Adsense is the most beautiful dream of every blogger. Having a Google Adsense account with a turnover of more than 3 numbers and all thanks to your blog. But the vast majority of bloggers fail to achieve that goal, due to inexperience and lack of professionalism in their blogs, this is the major cause of your Google Adsense account has less money each time.

If you apply these tips and techniques for your Adsense account you will notice a remarkable difference in your Google Adsense account, remember that Google shares 68% of its revenue with publishers.

This is the reason why we leave the top 20 tips to increase your Google Adsense earnings. These tips have been applied by large professional because of the blogosphere which will guarantee an increase in your income.

In this I will share the top 10 tips to improve your Google Adsense.

Do not break the rules. If you do not want to lose your account

Typical mistake we've all made some time, all or most do not read the Terms of Service or TOS also called thinking we are not going to affect, if we play football without knowing the rules? Well this is the same here and google rules lay in its terms. Google is a great company and applies strictly all the rules, and no doubt at any time when deleting accounts.

Place your ads on the header.

In Google Adsense earn as page views, CTR and clicks on ads. Post ads in the header makes receiving 100% of our visits by appearing on all pages of our blog. And increase the chance of getting more money and lower our ratio CTR.

Use Adsense in RSS feeds

If you have a lot of readers who subscribe to your blog via RSS, you can use to monetize your feed and thus get extra income.

Choose a proper location for your ads

Apart from the header, you can place your Adsense ads in lateras bars, but you should never do in the middle of content as it can get quite annoying to your readers.

Customize your ads:

Google Adsense gives us the possibility to choose from various sizes, colors, text style ... etc, take this opportunity to create an ad closest thing to your blog.

Post fresh content:

The key to making money with Adsense is traffic visitors and this is achieved by maintaining your blog the freshest possible, at least 1 item every day, a good number would be 4 or 5 articles a day.

Enjoy all the features of Adsense:

With Google Adsense you can not only make money with your blog, there are other ways to generate revenue such as Google to search, or Youtube. You can take advantage of Youtube video tutorials to create and generate even more.

Promote your site with Google Adwords:

Another way to get more traffic is using the platform of Google, get attract target audience to your blog.

Images and text ads in:

You should not choose just text ads, make sure you keep the option enabled images because the latter can be very striking, increasing the number of clicks.

Here you have the top 10 tips to increase your profits in Adsense, do not hesitate to leave us your questions and suggestions in the comments.

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