Get To The Top Of Google Places

Get To The Top Of Google Places

The importance of appearing at the top of Google is that many web publishers know it, the thing is like being-ranked and get traffic to your blog or website profitable. I share many practical, useful and easy to follow tips.

The SEO practices help much, these good practices that remain in time, they will tune with the trends in terms of Google SEO is concerned. Not the same artificial position that eventually one can hurt you completely natural, or at least apparent.

If you are not at the top of Google you will be forced to seek your views with other media such as social networks, other websites such as forums, blogs and Google AdWords third.

Trend of SEO To Be In First Place

The trend in SEO is to give preference to premium content, original, achieve user recommendation, quality inbound links that are relevant. One way to take care of the outbound links is the rel = nofollow tag, avoid her transfer Page-Rank from our blog.

Being in first place is important, so we should not search keywords trophies is no traffic carried anywhere, but for those positional keywords if they give the traffic quantity and relevance necessary for the profitability of the web.

The best way to ensure having a profitable website is with traffic and quality traffic, monetization forms we use require interaction with users to produce some money. Is regrettable for new bloggers who write articles that will never be read because no one seeks that information.

One point to take into account is to responsive web, adapted very well to mobile devices, pages that load faster and avoid the famous cup bounce (bounce rate), but as I avoid or reduce cup bounce? .

How to Reduce Bounce mug?

Bounce cup can not be avoided, but if you can reduce it to a minimum, keep the following tips:

1 - Encouraging readers to comment in the blog.

2 - inviting them to subscribe and receive post by email that we publish.

3 - Using internal links, ie, link your post with others who are related to the topic.

4 - Ensuring that external links open in new windows.

5 - Always keep in the search box visible blog so they can read other postings.

6 - Avoid Pop-ups, bars external tools or peel-off ads because they create distractions.

It is important to be at the top of the results in various search engines, but only if the content you are looking for yourself, nothing good is. Use the tools that gives you the internet to research information which users are searching, then analyzes if your website has the power to locate and optimize your time.

I await your comments and recommendations for better positioning in Google and major search engines, give me your input on "The Importance Of Being First in Google and how to achieve it."


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