The Google AdSense Pay By Show Your Advertising?

The Google AdSense Pay By Show Your Advertising

The vast majority of blogs are monetized with most popular advertising system which is Google AdSense, however only a few of the editors of these websites know or know the percentage they receive for this show Google Adsense advertising on their blogs or web pages.

The Google AdSense That Pays You Percent?

Some research on the Internet, the data on this topic vary somewhat, according to some sites, Google pays you for advertising AdSense for content a percentage of up to 68%, according to blog ads to show on your blog what that the advertiser spend on Google AdWords.

A less used Google AdSense service for search and for which the data we have is that Google gives you 51% of what the advertiser investment. I recommend you put a custom search engine to your blog, you will see them as ads seen on any results of a search on Google and make money with AdSense advertising.

Other factors vary the results with this publicity, however, the percentages were mentioned previously in force in this 2013 and have not experienced changes since June 18, 2003 when it launched the service called contextual advertising, Google AdSense.

Search Keywords That Pay More Money With Google AdSense

Considering that Google pays you a percentage of what you charge with AdWords, you can use the Google AdWords tool for searching the words most pay Google. This way you'll have a clear idea about that theme writing, also takes into account that those keywords are well adjusted to your website and can achieve good positioning.

It is important to write about well paid by AdSense phrases that manage to position well, but mostly users of your users are looking for, research how many searches have the phrases you use in the headlines of your articles and succeed with Google AdSense or another system contextual advertising.

Another point to consider is that the amount of money you can earn with Google AdSense will depend on several factors including the language of the website, your blog in this case, the user's country and how much money you are paying the advertiser, ads that have paid for impressions and click and not depend on the RPM of your page.

The ads in your blog, fail to appear after going through a kind of auction where advertisers offer more and better fit with your theme, come first and if someone wants to pay for impressions, you will pay according to the value of your blog at that time, as the demand for ads and what your sponsors are offering.

In this blog you will find a lot of content related to the topic and everything that has to do with creating a profitable and successful blog, plus you recommend other websites that I'm constantly writing about how to do business online with a blog , the pay as Google AdSense and other topics of interest.

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