10 Tips And Recommendations For Use It

10 Tips And Recommendations For Use It

10 Guidelines For Using Google AdSense and Earn Good Money With This Advertising, Tips And Recommendations insurance will be very useful for new bloggers and others who already have experience, but perhaps not the time to investigate and test process are taken and error.

Without wishing to appear an expert giving his opinion or what some call secrets, my goal is to provide quality information. All entrepreneurs need to learn, we all make mistakes, but eventually accumulate knowledge and experience that is good to share. If you want some advice, guidelines or recommendations on how to use this advertising, read this book.

Factors That Influence The Profitability of Google AdSense

The factors that influence whether or not you succeed with Google AdSense advertising are many, but you can define your ability to research, learn and put into practice what they learned, working consistently with clear goals and objectives. I leave 10 recommendations for your blog or web site more profitable with this Google advertising.

1- Position That Are Shown In The Ads

Undoubtedly the ad placement has a lot to do with the profitability of Google Adense for our blogs is very important is to stop ads in a prominent place for visitors. For them you can use the famous heat maps to determine which are the best positions knowing that not all templates allow the best ad formats, and display them where they are most effective.

Another point is that the AdSense code position within our code, the above code is on the better the advertisers who appear on this block, the first AdSense code is the one that pays the ad, regardless of how we view our site.

2 Use Monitoring Criteria

Something many bloggers do not take into account, but the criteria for monitoring are very easy to set up but play a determinant to learn more about the role performance of each block, by size, color, position, etc.

3 Do not saturate with many ad units

Only use the necessary notices is not true that fill an advertising website, ensure that it is profitable, it is advisable not pester visitors with too many ads, determines the best formats and place them well usually three or four boxes of ads should be more than enough.

4 Try different formats other than those recommended by Google

Usually the larger ads work best, on this site I work best me and in spite of that Google always stressed that blocks 336 × 280 give the best result, even in the AdSense Day also insisted , but in practice more than one of us these ads are not the best results gave us, it's just a matter of keep trying, but always remember your channels use without them being blind.

5-Good integration of colors in your ad units

Among the good things about Google AdSense advertising is that it allows us to configure the colors of our listings almost entirely, but not the shape or size. In my experience it works very well leave the white color that comes by default as text ads always look as natural and website links clicks improves.

But the truth is that we work in this blog, it is very possible that no else, then we have two ways of doing this: The first is to integrate ads to our site and the other is to make them complete opposites, seeking to draw care visits.

The 6-Caring Contextuality, No Contamination Advertising

We all know that Google advertising is characterized by the contextuality of your ads, that is, the ability to display ads related to our theme. For this it uses a lot of resources, of which we have known it could be said that the most important is:

1-The title of the page.

2 The H1, H2 tags.

3 The metatags.

4 The first words of a text.

5-word Proximity ad.

They are factors to take into account if you really want Google AdSense display advertising in the right way, that is relevant, plus Google will consider monitoring gives our visitors to better determine the type of ads that will s sample but we need help taking care not to contaminate the advertising and we do take into account the aforementioned factors.

Tomato 7- Weather Enough for testing

Tests whether of form or position should not last less than a week to evaluate how an ad performs a complete cycle. What happens is that less time would not offer us a very reliable statistics because in AdSense revenue is not completely stable and are subject to many variables, some of which we have explained in other articles.

8- Remember it is not as simple to calculate profit

Knowing Google AdSense advertising is subject to many variables, the truth is that earnings estimates do not work exactly. Never make the mistake of thinking simply income increases as we increase our visits.

Revenues depend on many factors, including the moment, which ads are available. For example a campaign where the advertiser pays up to $ 5 per click, can pass quickly, so the offer of the moment has to do with the revenue for a given time. It is best to continue working diligently and evaluate the results at intervals to see our progress.

9- Be patient and continue to work

Knowing what was discussed in the previous section, be patient, work intelligently, proboscis good ads, generate traffic, test formats, colors, etc. .. In my case it was many months to achieve accumulate $ 100, suddenly generate 24 a month income rose to 165 the following month. Learn the more you can and work hard because everything has a cost in life.

10-Focus on Content Quality and Think Less In The Ads

The content and usefulness of your site will be what makes the difference, unique content resulting loyal readers, if you get these AdSense will grow up not only with an income, probably end up getting direct sponsors. While the market is very green and a sponsor pays little enough in most cases in the not too distant future, the matter shall be more than interested.

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