Take your business to the Cloud

Take your business to the Cloud

With the technological revolution that has been developing over the past few years, the "cloud" computing is a tool that has excelled in the world of information technology (IT). This is reflected mainly in its ability to make the workflow more efficient companies and their communications. Internet is the basis of this trend, it is from this network that the IT world can consume and distribute information stored in the cloud lives.

How does the cloud business?

Many of the companies that rely on this technology have been able to stay online in a short time, reduce costs of both infrastructure and operation as well as accelerate its communications in and out of their office. That is why from small and medium enterprises to multinational companies have adopted cloud computing as a solution to enable new business.

If a company decides to use cloud solutions, it is important to conduct detailed studies, either from internal resources or by a service "outsourcing", to identify the daily activities of users within the company, as well as assess the burden work servers. This assessment helps to understand the ecosystem and allow users to select the most appropriate type of technology, as each company has different consumption needs.

How much you save on costs?

The input data to a remote server and use programs that run from the network is translated into considerable savings in resources. According to estimates of Enterprise Management Associates, 60 percent of companies related to the field of technology, reduce costs by working with partners to the cloud servers.

The cloud and its benefits can be summarized not only cost reduction but also in mobility as any company has the ability to host your data on an external server without having to pay for their own equipment, administration and maintenance. Furthermore, it is not necessary to purchase software for access.

As for reliability, the technology of cloud computing ensures that in the event of failure of a physical server, the virtual server is not affected, since the high availability of the platform prevents additional investment in servers to limit single points of failure.

Are there disadvantages and risks?

You can not deny that there are some disadvantages in terms of connectivity and remote access, as the bandwidth is crucial for the optimal operation of a cloud-based platform. However, the greatest risk is safety, that is why you should always consider security solutions and patches to keep information secure.

Undoubtedly, the adaptation of business in the cloud is an important move for companies. They should consider that one of the key links in the process is to understand in detail how the computation works in the cloud, and what the business objective to adopt.

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