The next Tablet from Google would new 3D Technology

The next tablet from Google would new 3D technology

Google would plan to release a new tablet with " advanced vision capabilities " to capture 3D images around objects that are in front of their cameras, says a new report .

The Wall Street Journal says that some sources introduced to the project , ensure that the tablet would have a 7-inch screen , would have two rear cameras , infrared depth sensors and software to allow capturing 3D environment .

According to the report , Google would plan to produce 4,000 prototypes of tablets next month. The tablets , which would be part of the Tango project could be presented at Google I / O, the Google developer event to be held in late June .

The Tango project, which was announced in February , focused on using a cell phone that integrated 3D sensors to allow visually impaired people could navigate around certain areas and for creating 3D video games.

One of the main goals of the project is to give tango mobile devices the ability to understand the space around us .

Will miss only a few weeks to know whether Google itself is planning to present these new 3D tablets at Google I / O.

A report from The Wall Street Journal says that Google have plans to make a tablet with 3D technology that can recognize 3D space around us.

By : Saifullah

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