Apple, Samsung Corrupted Mobile market

Apple, Samsung Corrupted Mobile market

Mobile phone maker Apple and Samsung are two major companies have warned customers that their errors are few phones

Apple said that iPhone users in five sleep / wake-up call button is wrong and users can set the seat back.

Samsung Galaxy S on the other hand says there are five sets of camera does not work.

The company says the Galaxy S five-user if the camera is not working so she could get a replacement.

Samsung says that there were many fewer S Five cameras were not working and they sent by mistake to sell in the market.

The company says the error has been identified and measures have been taken to be such a mistake in future.

Although Samsung did not say how many mobile sets have this problem. The company says that this phone is sent in the U.S. and other countries.

Net market share of the worldwide browser market, eBay has been around 50 percent.

Microsoft says that they are investigating this error and the appropriate measures will be taken.

On weekends Microsoft Security Declaration stating that they released their monthly security update that will resolve the problem or if the users can be separated from the solution.

Apple says iPhone five sets in very low concentrations in the Sleep / Wake button or if you do not work or work sometimes.

According to the company, which sets 2013 as the buttons are bad before they were developed.

Apple company for the convenience of users on the Internet have developed a page where users put the serial number of your iPhone five can find out whether or not their phone is damaged sets.

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