6 Ways to Kill the Popularity of your blog

6 Ways to Kill the Popularity of your blog

Buy a domain and add a few files will not make your blog popular. Almost all the bloggers are aware of this so when someone manages to create a truly popular blog may well be proud of their achievement.

But what many do not realize is how fragile bloggers may be the popularity of a blog.

Create a relatively successful blog can cost between 6 months and 1 year working hard and doing things right. However readers may jump ship in a matter of weeks. All you have to do is prove how unworthy you are of your audience.

If you have a blog and do not want to lose your hearing you should take a look at these tips expose you today:

Losing your identity.

Having written a lot of posts on similar topics and the related need to write about something new can be overwhelming. Do not try to write about something that is not related to the content of your blog.

Your public visit your blog to read about what interests them . If your blog is about technology probably nobody is interested in your political opinions . Do not you dare !

Losing your modesty.

Many bloggers start out modest and achieved some success when they become arrogant. In the long run end up losing readers and subscribers. Do not make the same mistake !

Everything is about money.

If you have started a blog with the intention of winning money congratulations are in all your right . This blog you are reading has been created for the same purpose . However you must remember that monetizing a blog is no easy task and should be done with tact and care. You do not want to flood your readers with ads and offers that do not report them worthless. End up being frightened!

Start another blog.

Although of course it is possible to take more than one blog at a time for many bloggers is the beginning of the end. The frequency of post starts to drop and the creativity tends to disappear. If you are determined to make sure that the necessary time accounts . Often more blogs more money does not mean quite the opposite .

Experimenting with a new template every month.

A redesign of the blog can give you a nice boost especially if brings clarity and freshness to it. But quite another thing to be changing every few design . This can confuse your audience to the point that they can get their fill and go. Choose well your design before you start!

Take a long vacation too .

If it gives you disappear do not expect your readers to stay awaiting your return. Make sure you have a well-planned editorial calendar and several post written in advance to provide prolonged absences whether foreseen or not . If you disappear without warning your readers will visit your blog for some time to find nothing new each time. The result? One day they decide not to come back ...

These are just some examples that may jeopardize the popularity of your blog and derail all the effort you've spent .

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