5 Things to value and sell your blog successfully

5 Things to value and sell your blog successfully 

No time to continue maintaining your blog? You do not want to leave it offline? Have you thought about selling it? Read the following to learn to value your blog and have a real and negotiable cost.

Maybe when selling a site or blog should be taken as the subject many aspects, mainly the domain and ingresos.Vamos to see what you should take into account to sell your blog successfully.

It is the main aspect to be taken into account when negotiating and valuing your blog or website . According income and via thereof , your blog take the best value when you sell it. Generally the cost of a blog is based on annual income, but the buyer will ask for a lower value for a short-term gain .

Revenue from your blog must be stable and must submit , at the discretion of the purchaser, latest statistics of income from your blog and check the information you have posted . So if your blog earnings are $ 120 per year the price of your blog can go close to $ 100 plus other aspects to consider.

The extension , antique , and domain name authority is another very important factor to consider when selling your blog. A blog with own domain will have more value than a blog hosted on a subdomain . Blogspot.com

Design and presentation
An added value when evaluating your blog is its design . We generally use free templates or themes, but use a custom , unique, friendly , responsive and fast loading theme adds an extra cost to your blog.

Published articles
The amount of articles and post that you have posted on your blog , especially if they are original will give more value to your blog as they are the main source of income and positioning blog.

Followers and social profiles
With the importance of social networks when sharing content from your blog, the more followers and impact have your blog on social networks have more value when you sell it.

Basically these with the 5 aspects to value and sell your blog successfully , but if you have a comment to add to the contents of this article , share it !

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