Write Quality Content That Attract Traffic

Write Quality Content That Attract Traffic

Writing content online to let others know about you or your business is one of the oldest and yet still popular methods for generating website traffic. In this article I am going to share with you 3 tips on how to write articles that will draw the traffic in to your website.

If you enjoy writing then you'll have no problem coming up with ideas for content. However, if you don't enjoy it and find it more of a chore then you will want to make sure that your efforts provide you with a big return!

Some topics pull in the crowds and go viral and there is no way of knowing whether what you write will achieve this or not. However, there are certain types of articles that always do well. Here are 3 of them:

How To

Usually when someone goes looking for help with something they will type in a search that starts with "how to". Therefore writing an article that provides the answer to those types of questions work really well.

It means that the person about to read that article knows exactly what benefit they will get - they will learn how to do something they want to know how to do!

Action Step
Think about your particular niche and write down all the "how to" questions that people might ask. If you run out of ideas then visit some question and answer sites and look for more questions related to your niche.


People love to learn tips. There is something slightly secretive about a tip - as if someone is letting you in on something unknown!

Therefore writing articles that gives your reader some tips on how to improve or achieve something goes down well.

You could write 3 tips, 5 tips, top 10 tips - there are many variations on this type of article.

Action Step

Write down 10 topics in your niche. For each one write down a few tips that would really make a difference in understanding or obtaining a result on that topic. Then add a bit of information for each tip. You'll now have 10 articles ready to go.


People love to be able to take something away from your article so that they can implement what they have learned straight away. A great way of helping your reader do this is to provide some form of action step.

It means that your reader doesn't have to think too much about what they now need to do - you have spelled it out to them.

Action Step

Just think about what you would literally need to do straight away to get a result and add it to your article as an action step!

Author: By Kay Franklin

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