How to Make money with your Social buttons invisibly

How to Make money with your Social buttons invisibly

On the net there are many ways to make money with or without a blog. In previous articles we have seen and shared some tips and tools that allow us to generate income without intrusive advertising and annoying to users, we must be clear that when entering a blog full of advertising that can not even navigate immediately will flee .

For that there are ways to offer quality content and earn some money, but this time we will see an easy way to get extra money invisibly with only using social buttons to share content that we use at the foot of the items in our blog.

How it works?

What makes the system automatically create a shortened URL or system path

you are using, in this case The system pays for every time users click the buttons to share on your blog that you have, by default displays options for Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

The buttons have nothing different, they are in the same way as you use in

The first thing to do is register on the site with your email and password and immediately receive an e-mail to confirm. I recommend using Draggo to keep accounts secure with easy access from anywhere.

After verifying your account, you can log into your account and select the "Tools" option or "tools" to see the different options to make money: Referrals, banner, buttons and social widget, etc..

In this scenario we will go the "Social share Widget" option where you select the type of button you want to use and generate the code:

There is a plugin for WordPress, but it's easier just to copy the code in your theme without having to add more plugins to your blog. We may also use and paste this code into your Blogger template or other platform that allows you to play the theme.

So easy and without creating annoying ads can make money, start now!

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