What is Quality Content and How it is Achieved

What is Quality Content and How it is Achieved

If you're not new to this blogging, you've probably already come across this phrase more than once and it could not be more true. Today, quality does not go anywhere, there are too many good alternatives to waste time with you if your content is not up to par.

But what then exactly is quality content?

Quality is evident in many facets, but I would say that basically all of them are common sense, is not nothing you can imagine if a little reflection.

And above all, it is not so difficult to achieve, much less, let's see:

Quality content has to be relevant

First, appoint the relevance of the content of the post. What you're writing, do you really anyone cares? Is it useful? Do you have any kind of impact, however small, in the lives of people?

Also, keep in mind that if a reader comes to your blog and what he reads a positive impact, however small, sooner or later you will remember and return.

Otherwise it is very likely that you will not give a second chance. If you will return to your blog by chance (through Google, a link to another blog, etc..)

Obviously you can write for yourself without more, purely personal fulfillment, and there is nothing objectionable about it. But if among your objectives is to read your blog, the first questions they should be.

Your knowledge of the subject matter, but not so much

Perhaps this title let you misplaced something, no matter what you know of what you speak ...?

Well, not exactly ...

Obviously you should not speak without knowledge of the facts and does not need further clarification. But beware, many bloggers "passed" this principle to the extent that they dare not touch anything in it that are not considered "mega-experts." They are aware that with enough humility and prudence can dare to talk about almost anything.

The clearest example is posts that recount the experience of someone getting into a new topic. For example, a professional who comes from the world of traditional marketing can do interesting posts telling how their learning is living in the world of online marketing and what it is providing.

It will be very interesting because many people find themselves in the same situation, identify the author of the blog and will have the opportunity to compare their own experiences with what he has.

Moreover, what you do not know, in large measure, you can find out if you are willing to make enough effort. Also, you can tell as it citing sources and look good. Moreover, if you spiking what you have to say about a topic with the opinion of two or three recognized experts in that subject, will add a lot of strength and credibility to your content simply by using the knowledge of others.

Originality is not that hard to get

It is very important that your content is original.

This can be frightening because it can be easily interpreted in the sense that one has to be constantly inventing wildly creative, funny, and totally different things unseen.

Easy, is not it, it is simply that your content not to rehash what has already been published 10 times before. There is no problem to address things that have already been addressed before (in fact, it is usual, nor is there much to invent new topic). But it is very different to make a rough copy or collection of pieces of other posts to make the post really yours, reflecting your personality and your ideas.

Although lame an idea from someone else, simply express it in your own words and consider the nuances and makes you different and original, makes your personal view of things. It is simply that.

The depth and detail of your content

One of the patterns post more widespread bad quality and personally I hate most is what might be called the "tatty-post".

By this I mean the typical post that usually do not last a few hundred words and as a loose dogma 4 or 5 ideas or "good advice" laying down the law about something without providing the slightest reasoning, or put those ideas into a particular context without only one practical example.

This kind of post is very common and I personally hate. The author only wants to fish with minimal effort traffic and the stuff really is not particularly enthusiastic about. Not saying that posts this crap is going to get hard.

Clear ideas, please

The clarity with which you convey those ideas to others and that are enjoyable to read your content will be critical to keep your readers engaged.

They also help a lot factors not directly related to the content itself as a good blog design that makes the aesthetic, pleasant and usable (easy to read, easy to find relevant information etc..). Somehow, as an author, the blog is your home and you should make your guests feel comfortable.

Who would like to go into someone's house and see leftover pizza in the kitchen and underwear lying on the couch?

For in an ugly, chaotic and little usable blog, the impression that the reader takes something like.

Content well structured and engaging

People do not read blogs quietly on the couch as previously done with newspapers. Many files that are consumed and there is great competition between them to keep the attention of the reader.

Also, people have 5 minutes and read anywhere and when you can. On the way to the metro, in the doctor's waiting room, etc..

So quality content is content that makes it easy for the reader, content easy to read, with a good structure of headings and subheadings to allow its "scan" faster to skip the parties less interest the reader and attractive and relevant to keep their attention, for example, good images, that add value to the content elements.

Content "actionable"

We all like the "actionable" things, the sooner we see the result of something better.

" Actionable " , as is intuited , means quick and easy to implement . If you contribute an actionable idea to a reader, it executes it and get a result, there have one of the best "hits " that can occur on it.

For example , imagine a post that suggests a certain combinations of colors for the background, text and buttons from your mail widgets subscription because these combinations can achieve a 20% or 30 % increase signup rate your blog .

Generally, this should prove to be as simple as changing the settings in the plugin you're using for this in CSS or leaves the widgets if you 've implemented directly in HTML. Ie , a simple action that you've implemented in minutes.

Imagine now that after a week check your subscriptions have actually risen 20 % ,with 10 minutes of work !

After providing that amount of value , I think it will not be the last time you read a post of this blog , right?

Copy of others is a great stupidity

And of course, do not ever copy from others. Not by ethics, also, but that just does not work.

Today, copy is stupid, you're inviting Google to penalize you from day 1 for publishing duplicate content.

Besides, you lose your voice, you will note that they are not your contents. Each post will have a different style that completely dilutes any personality. People would like to connect, but that they have to feel that there is a person on the other side and if you're a copycat just like there was no one on the other side.

So if you want to be real blogger, get the idea that you have to be able to generate your own content. If not, you're not going anywhere, believe me.

It is normal costing you generate these files, but like everything, has a lot of practice.

I think it's more difficult to be clear about what makes content quality content to create it first if you have it clear.Do not confuse "quality" to "bright", quality has to do more with adding value and implementation of a number of techniques and best practices as I mentioned you in this post that with the creation of works that are the height of creativity.

In this post I said that I personally seem the most important, but certainly some important has stayed with me in the ink. What do you think should be added?

And, finally, let me recommend further reading of this excellent post that will give you inspiration and focus to generate your content:

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