The 10 Most Wanted Tips for Blogger

The 10 Most Wanted Tips for Blogger

This purports to be a list of 10 most wanted Blogger tricks, some very simple, some not so, but all looking to improve some aspect of the blogging platform of Google.

The 10 Most Wanted Tips for Blogger

1. Remove the Blogger navbar or toolbar.

Although this bar may have some shortcuts to manage our blog, its value is little or no cost to the reader, occupies little extra space and aesthetics. Its elimination is very simple, you just have to go to Design / Edit HTML and find this code:

]]> </ b: skin>

And just before pasting the following:

# navbar-iframe {height: 0px; display: none, visibility: hidden;}

2. Show most recent comments and recent articles in the sidebar.

This "trick" is based on using the syndication management reviews and articles all have Blogger blogs. They are:

For comments:
For articles Where is the address of your blog.

Now you just have to go to Design / Page Elements and click on Add a gadget in the window that opens a Feed gadget is selected and address written comments to show the latest remarks, the process is repeated to create feed a new gadget but this time using the direction of the items.

3 . Add a side or additional bar to the sidebar template .

It seems to be increasingly inadequate one sidebar, add the extra complexity of a design done will vary according to the type of design and knowledge that have HTML and CSS.

4 . " Read More " or " Continue reading " Articles Blogger .

To make the navigation light our readers many times should show only a summary of the items. As Blogger does not have this feature by default, will have to use CSS or Javascript for this purpose.

Blogger tips and tricks explains how to do it and readlyblogger shows an "elegant " way to reach the same.

5 . View the most popular or most commented articles .

When an article has many comments , this speaks to its possible value to visitors . This is not a feature of Blogger so we must resort to a new script. In shows how to create a gadget to show the most popular entries in its showcase we makes a good fit for this trick to world wide .

6. Pagination or Blogger pages numbered.

Blogger only shows a link to the next or previous page with the page to display a larger number of pages to navigate indicated with numbers. Again the operation is based on a script that needs to be installed on the blog to work.

7. Add a favicon in Blogger.

To add that little visible in bookmarks, tabs and address bar icon, you just have to create an icon and link from the template. To this from Design / HTML Edition is looking for the following code:

<title> <data:blog.pageTitle/> </ title>

And just before the following places:

<link href="" rel="shortcut icon" type="image/x-icon"/>
<link href="" rel="icon" type="image/x-icon"/>

Http:// Where is the URL of your favicon.

To get the URL of your favicon you can host it on a free service like Fileden.

8. Use your own domain on Blogger .

Having your own domain is the first things you should consider when we want to take more seriously our blog . The advantages are many and very small fee . Blogger allows the use of domains on your own platform.

9. Feedback form at the entrance .

This actually ceased to be a trick , as is already bearing of the common features of Blogger, still must be activated from Settings / comments , then on the option " Comment Form Placement " " Embedded to Input is selected then " .

In some cases it may be necessary to implement this feature manually.

10. Putting Adsense Ads in Blogger .

There are several options to put Google Adsense, so you can choose between the 10 Places to put Adsense in Blogger .

As always , the recommendation is to use only the tricks that are essential to our blog to keep from overloading the site content and / or make it too heavy.

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