Latest 12 Tips to Create a New Blog in 2014

Latest 12 Tips to Create a New Blog in 2014
The year ends with him a lot invested in 2013 projects efforts begin to take shape memory crystals and new ideas and dreams in project format begin to haunt the minds of many bloggers, Webmasters and people in general.

My question is, How was your pages to them during 2013? I know of cases of people who have experienced a growth creepy in less than a year and others that there is still much more to achieve them but have long term very, very large growth potential.

Tips when creating your next blog in 2014

A good idea I quite the head is the creation of more and new pages to implement much of the knowledge acquired during 2013. Think about it, for many of us to be in training and community such as Quondos assumed that our knowledge base index, contacts and collaborations fires. If this is your case, here are some tips to implement for your next web project and promising.

  1. Domains With branding. I would of course depending on two types of situations disntintas. If you are creating a blog to reinforce your brand and / or enhance your professional presence the best alternative is to use your own name or brand. If you go to create projects to position and exploit the medium / short term exact match domain is still the best option.
  2. How to hire my new hosting company. Depends on what you search. Value for money + support in Spanish: OVH. Fast and quality Hostings: Host Hostgator or Banana. All these hosting also are prepared to host PHP applications.
  3. Theme: monetization or learning. A frequent question. I recommend you just write what you like until your project will generate enough money to pay writers to write on those more oriented to monetizing blogs you'd get in but do not like to write.
  4. A free or paid theme. At this point there are reviews of all types. Many will tell you that a professional presence to need a payment item, which in most cases may be true, but there are a lot of subjects free of proven quality enough.
  5. Topic Responsive from scratch or retrofitting. My advice is that if you can always use responsive themes (adapted to mobile devices) from the beginning. The subsequent use of plugins that make your topic can generate responsive doubled in the worst content.
  6. Do I use Adsense from the beginning? I would expect at least a few months. During the first half-decent will not generate any income and should not show Google that from 1 minute our primary objective is to monetize.
  7. Do I use the maximum number of blocks allowed by Adsense? One of the things I quickly discovered last year that 2013 was not put more advertising always were earning more aggressively . Besides having much published at the top of the interface can be counterproductive or even penalized ( they say ) .
  8. + Adsense Afliated too. Not if used with head. Wait a few months to insert Adsense and a few more until your site is to introduce consolidated affiliate links. This combination is proven as one of the most powerful when it comes to monetizing a blog.
  9. Do I need to be autonomous to sell from my blog? In strictly legal terms 100 % yes . But in practical and real terms do not need to do it until your level of turnover is significant, it would make logical sense and it would be impossible to maintain.
  10. Use pages Ten- Euros to find cheap freelance. Often when we start a new project small tasks become titanic tasks. I found and solved several of my problems in such pages and make you save time and money.
  11. Any general or thematic microniches? If you can always microniches. It is preferable to less searched topics but with less competition and position yourself as an expert in that parcel. Subsequently be your little piece of the internet pie.
  12. Reinvest your earnings, the formula "business-blogger." One of the guidelines that will make you different. Do not waste your first income reinviertelos on new content, themes Web design and training in your own niche. Over time this practice will make a difference.

These are my 12 tips for your next blog in 2014. Nothing from here, except to wish you a happy new year and lots of energy (not luck, luck working) for the coming year and your Web projects. See you next year. Better, more and better

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