Facebook and Competitions

Facebook and Competitions

Do not surprise anyone if I say that what most people tend to like things are free , we are well and nothing can stop it. How can we take advantage of it being community managers ? The answer is simple and one word: Contests .

Among the many tools and social networks that can use CMs , there is one that lends itself well to host contests , Facebook . A priori one can think to do contests on Facebook is easy. Who has not seen the typical contests business pages are to achieve the maximum number of " likes "?
The problem of competitions on Facebook

However, something that not many people know is that following the policy of Facebook promotions , contests can not be made in the wall of a page . Not to get "Like" , or upload photos, and get comments ... Following strictly this policy, all contests and promotions must be hosted on third party applications. Once there are housed should encourage participation in the application itself or in a separate tab for that promotion on our site .

Once we create this application , we can do photo competitions , videos , comments ... and encourage feedback , but always within the application .

Another thing that not many people know is that you can not communicate to the winners on the wall , or contact them via Facebook private message . It requires asking participants the email or mailing address in the registration process of the application and contact them those two ways.

Moreover our promotions should always be aimed at people over 18 and not give prizes as : alcohol, snuff , petrol , games, and more bizarre as firearms , prescription drugs ...

Gradually pages of major companies and large these standards are accepted and are going all Facebook applications , but what about small business pages that do not have money or staff who can design an application or know ? It is one of the many questions that arise from this, no easy answer.

What do you think these rules ? Do some knowledge ?

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