Simple ways Make Money with Blog on Blogger 2014-15

Simple ways Make Money with Blog on Blogger 2014-15

if we talk about blogging we never forget blogger, Blogger is the best plat form for free blogging in the internet , blogger plate form is the simplest platform for beginners how they will make money from blogging. I have made money using Blogger blogs for the last year and I will give you some useful information that has helped me build many businesses through Blogger.

Collect emails
 If you have a Blogger blog and an A blogger account you can collect emails and start building a solid email list. The more people that you have on your email list then the more money you will make. Period that's a fact.  Read: Best 7 Powerful Tips To Make Money From Adsense Using Free Tools

The more you make post to your blog of unique content articles and include pictures the more views you will get which will result in more sales and more money you will make. Read: Simple Blogger Tips and Tricks For Traffic
Social bookmarking also helps as well as pinging your blog.

One surefire way to build a list is to have highly targeted traffic and by offering your friendship and by giving away something for free. Read: How to Improve Our Lives with Social Networking

Now remember this, do not and I will repeat do not give a way a free gift then blast every single affiliate offer that comes your way down their throat. Offer then high quality information and try to really help them solve their problem with an active solution.

Here are some tips for when creating your perfect blogger blog:
 Choose an attractive layout
Include your opt in email box to start building a highly targeted email list.
Include a picture in each and every single one of your post.
Include a welcome video
Add in affiliate banners
Write at least 5 unique post a day and social bookmark each post.

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