Top 7 Blog Post Tips For Blogger

Top 7 Blog Post Tips For Blogger

Best 7 tips for blogger think about it. The possibilities are endless. Blog post tips don't always come easy, yet it's essential to keep producing regular, unique, quality content for your blog if you want to build readership and rankings.Your readers and subscribers won't come back unless new content appears regularly, and Google is looking for relevancy and freshness - which means regular updates (a few times a week minimum if you can!) are essential.

Here are a few 'Blog Post Idea Formulas' for those days when you've run out of ideas and need a little nudge to get your blogging juices flowing.

  1. Write a List: This one's always popular - fun to check out and interesting to read. Try 'top 10...', '5 best ways to...' or '21 Tips for...'. Alternatively, get creative - Everybody loves a good list post.

  2. Review Something: Reviews can be useful, interesting and show that you know what you're talking about. In some cases, they can create revenue as a paid post or by promoting a product your affiliated with. Books, software, websites, courses and any kind of resource can be topics for an effective review post.

  3. Interview Someone: Leverage the success and popularity of people in your niche or industry by interviewing them. Approach with a simple, polite email and set up a framework - could be a recorded call to turn into a podcast, could be a set of written questions. Great way to get associated with others and network with them to benefit you both.

  4. Trending Topic: This can be a highly effective way to get readership and attention. Writing about what people are talking about, excited about or feel strongly about already 'piggybacks' existing media and topics. Show your readership you've got your finger on the pulse by covering breaking news before others. This strategy can be a good way to get quick, short-term search rankings as well.

  5. How to...: Find out what your readership or target market want to do, and write a post telling them how to do it. Anything from getting ranked on Google to growing the perfect tomato - every niche is based upon solving problems and helping people do or have something they didn't before.

  6. How not to...: A simple twist on the 'How to' theme, this blog post idea can be very attractive and also carry massive value for your readers. How not to treat your blog visitors, pack a suitcase, cook an omelet - the possibilities here are endless.

  7. The Myth-Buster: Done right the myth buster is a killer post idea. Take a commonly held belief or idea, turn it on its head and reveal the truth... This one's a little harder to pull off, but if you can find a good myth to de-bunk and make a good job of it, there's massive potential for impact and reach.

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