Top 9 Tips for Role of Meta Tags in SEO

Top 9 Tips for Role of Meta Tags in SEO

Meta tags play in the process of search engine optimization, it is always better to use Meta tags on your own web site. Just make your own keyword phrase and add it in the keywords tag in the source code of your web site, wait for a fortnight and then conduct a search of your web site on the major search engines to know the ranking of your web site. 
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Keywords Tag
Keyword tag had high relevance in deciding the rankings of webpage in search results during past years. But, due to excessive stuffing of keywords, majority of search engines fail to give importance to the contents of this tag now. Some SEO professionals even suggested on not using this tag in HTML as it would not affect the search rankings in anyways. Still, it is advisable to mention your primary keyword in this tag.

Description Tag
This tag plays a very big role in search results. Having a sense of natural and creative writing, this tag offers you unlimited dimensions. Let us discuss the best practices to perfect this tag.

What is 'Meta Description' tag?
Meta description tag gives a brief idea of your web page to both searcher and search engine. To put it simpler, contents of this tag is a summary of your web page in a sentence or two. But, be informed that Google never uses the contents of the description tag for rankings.

Relevancy of contents in the description tag
A very important point to be taken care while optimizing the description tag is that your contents should be relevant to the web page contents. You need to precisely summarize the web page contents and should avoid using generic words like "About our company" or "Great online shopping website".

Include your keywords
Include your primary and secondary keywords inside this tag contents. Always remember that Google and other search engines have become very smart and they can analyze your contents. So, let the inclusion of your keywords be in a natural way.

Ideal length of description
You can see in many search results the description is cut by the search engines not allowing them to be displayed fully. So, I would recommend the maximum size of description should be limited to somewhere around 160 words. This ensures display of your description text fully in search results.

Avoid repetitions
Repetitions won't fetch you good rankings. In fact, they will deteriorate your opportunity to secure top rankings. Also, repetitions steal the place of other important notes.

Use good grammar
Impress the searcher with a correctly and naturally constructed text that is free from all grammar and spelling mistakes. Remember that contents of this tag are summary and reflection of the standard of your website.

Visitor's choice is important
Most of the search engines show 10 organic results against a search query on the first page. So, even if your rank is on the top, it is the visitor's choice whether to click on your link or not. With a chance of 10%, your best chance of getting a click is to stand out from others with a creative and attractive description. So, take time to think and create a compelling description that the user will want to click. It is a good practice to include a strong 'call to action' also.

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