Meta Tags Important For youe Blog

A meta tag could be a line of HTML code describing your website. historically, you'd place meta tags at the top of each internet page; one for keywords, another for description. though they'd not be seen by  viewers of your web content, they'd be employed by search engines (such as Google). it might seem during this form (in using the proper Landscape example):

<TITLE>The Perfect Landscape.</TITLE>
<META name ="description" content="The Perfect Landscape is a full-service landscape
company providing lawn and garden maintenance, paver walkways and driveways, masonry work,
gazebos, and waterfalls.">
<META name ="keywords" content="The Perfect Landscape, landscape, landscaping, landscape,
design, pavers, gazebos, waterfalls">

Keywords are people who best describe your business or blog’s purpose. the outline contains your keywords, however in sentence vogue. If somebody used Google to go looking for one in every of your keywords (for example “landscaping”) and you were listed on the search results page, the meta description would appear underneath your listing providing the user with a quick outline of your business.

Adding META Tags
In this exercise, you may add meta tags to your blog:
1. From the Dashboard, visit style, Edit HTML.
2. Scroll all the way down to realize the HTML code .
3. Enter the subsequent code, however replace with keywords and descriptions that best suit  your blogging needs:

<meta name="keywords" content="landcaping, landscape, the perfect landscape, rockland
county, lawn service, gazebos, patios, waterfalls" />
<meta name="description" content="The Perfect Landscape is the landscape company to call
if you need professional lawn service, gardnering, landscaping. We also design and
install custom gazebos, patios and waterfalls." />

4. Click Save. 

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