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Now that you simply have put in completely different strategies for your visitors to stay updated concerning your blog and to receive all posted content (Subscriptions Link from  FeedBurner), it's vital to make those posts work for you. No, not each post must be concerning business or promoting a service or product, and it’s really not a decent plan to form each post an advert (or readers will simply lose interest). However, most posts should:

• Be well written
• Contain keywords concerning your business or personal blog topic

Since the goal is to own many folks reading your blog and its content, it's sensible follow to form sure there aren't any obvious spelling or grammatical errors. The Post Editor contains a spell checker  additionally, attempt to keep every post targeted on one explicit topic, date, or event. you'll lose scanners if it's too “busy” or time consuming to read all the content. 

It is conjointly a decent plan to incorporate keywords in your post content and post title, if attainable. this can facilitate potential customers realize you on the web when sorting out those keywords. for instance, The 
Perfect Landscape’s blog posts could embody keywords or phrases ,landscaping, landscape, lawn ,service , Rockland County , The excellent Landscape , waterfalls , gazebos, pavers or patios. 

The ultimate goal in using keywords is to own a research engine (like Google) rank your web site on the primary or second page of search engine results. Although it's vital to use keywords, it's conjointly simply as vital to not overuse them. If you do, your site are flagged as “spam” and can not show in the slightest degree on result pages. Years ago, I downloaded free software from Apex, Dynamic Submission (, and at the time it stated that keywords ought to form up solely a pair of to three p.c of your content. Out of one hundred words, you ought to solely use a keyword no over 3 times. 

Lastly, you ought to post typically. Posting to your blog consistently (a few times a week) has proven to  
increase popularity and traffic to blogs. Your subscribers get your posts and should forward them to friends, who then could subscribe to or visit your blog. guests could treat your blog posts or link to them from their web site, or they will use the social networking share buttons (like the AddThis feature described later during this chapter) to share your data with their Facebook fans, Twitter followers, or MySpace friends. As you'll see, a post could travel way and be seen by several.

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