Add Naked Custom Domain (Non WWW) in Blogger Tips and Tricks

Naked Domain
If someone wants to create a new blog then no doubt blogger is the best option to choose because of its versatile features like free hosting, SEO friendly features like Custom Robots Header Tags, custom redirection for broken or 404 error pages, Custom Robots.txt options and many more. We can even also use our own domain name to grow our blog as a professional website which looks like but there is a limitation in using custom domain name that is we can't use naked domain name or non www version of our domain name in blogger. Yesterday I shared a trick to create more than 20 static pages in blogger and today I bring another interesting trick to remove www from the domain name like I pretty much sure that you guys are very interesting to know about this trick. So, let see how to do it.

Using Naked Domain in Blogger

Below are some very easy to perform steps which you have to perform to use non www domain for your blogger blog.
  1. Go to Blogger >> Settings >> Basic >> Publishing.

  2. If you are already using your domain name then click on "Edit" button just after the domain name under the Blogger Address field otherwise click on "+ Add a custom domain" link

  3. Now click on Switch to advanced settings link and type your domain name started with a single space like "". Remember you have to put a single space before your domain name otherwise you will get  error.
  1. Now verify your domain authority by adding two CNAMEs into your Domain Name System (DNS) settings.
  1. You are done! That's it.

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