Merge Blogs in Blogger Tips and Tricks

 Merge Blogs in Blogger Tips and Tricks

Fashion of creating blog on blogger is increasing day by day because of its simplicity and easy to use interface. Now bloggers takes interest to create multiple blogs on blogspot for their different uses or different niche. Creating a blog on blogger is free and easy to manage that's why most of bloggers create multiple blogs for their benefits like earning money from blog by monetizing it with any advertisement programs like Google Adsense. People often use to create different blogs for same niche to monetize all blogs and to make more money from all. But sometime it's being difficult to manage all blogs with same niche because of less amount of fresh content to publish on all blogs. In that case a blogger might think to merge all his/her blogs under same niche so that it being easy to update the blog without any hassle. If you also want to combine your blogger blogs into one then read this tutorial. It is very easy to achieve the goal of combining two or more blogs. Let see how to do it.

Merging Blogs in Blogger

To merge different blogs first you have to import the data of that blog which you don't want to run anymore. Follow below steps to do it.
  1. Open that blog.
  2. Go to Settings > Other.
  3. Click on Export Blog link to download its data.

export blog

Transferring Data in Blogger

Once you export the data of your old blog, you need to import it to new one.
  1. Open new Blog.
  2. Go to Settings > Other.
  3. Now at this time click on Import Blog link.
  4. Import the downloaded data of your old blog. It will store all the blog posts and comments into your new blog.

  5. import blog
  6. You are done!

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