Make Money Blogging Secrets Tips and Tricks

As a blogger you may very well be aware of the fact that blogging is the best way to make easy money online. Whether you are a big company, a large entrepreneur, a small business or an individual operator sitting at home you must have a blog on your niche for network marketing and promotion of your business. But it doesn’t stop at just having a blog and waiting for a miracle to happen.

Make Money Online
After having a blog set up you need to optimize your blog and generate an immense amount of traffic toward it for grabbing the potential customers.  The more your viewership is the more clientele you have.  In this tutorial we are going to teach you 8 secret blogging tips to make money blogging using them. Let’s go with these secrets.

Optimize your Blog Name 

Your niche and your blog name must be in harmony. Your blog name must clearly represent what your blog is on and what it is about. Your name attracts the viewer at first instance and his first glance helps him making decision if he is going to visit it or not.

Your domain name must also be attractive; closely concord with your topic, and going with spellings and pronunciation. It must as well contain your keywords. So, choose a domain name for your blog that itself optimizes the blog name.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Every blogger loves to see huge numbers of visitors pouring into his/her blog. The more is the flow of traffic toward your blog the more are the prospects of making money blogging. There are numerous ways to attract traffic to your blog including SEO, link building, social media marketing and promotional tactics, links exchanges, article marketing and even paid propositions.

However besides these you also need to use SEO plug-ins to optimize your blog and blog posts which is going to bring a lot of traffic to your blog. If you are a good writer yourself, article marketing can also be helpful to drive traffic. Other than this, joining forums and groups, posting and commenting on other blogs and creating new groups related to your blog topic are also very useful tips to attract traffic and ultimately raises your blog ranking.

You Require Link Building

Link building is very useful tactic to optimize your blog. There are ways to build links. You can publish your articles on various websites and blogs which offer free article posting and leave your link somewhere in between the article or add a brief description of your site in the end. You may as well offer to exchange links on forums and groups of which you are a member.

Besides you can submit links on free web directories as well as become followers/ members of others on social networks and build links there. Building and exchanging links on the blogs/ sites having the same niche as yours is plays an effective role in enhancing viewership. It improves blog’s ranking and there are chances to make more money online.  Quality link building gives you a high ranking in search engines.

Join Other Blogging Networks

Join other blogging networks; both fresh startups as well as old ones. Write comments and reviews on their services and standard. Use them as a pathway tactfully to introduce yourself. Your useful opinions, positive reviews and high valued comments make people attracted toward you and they may be diverted to your blog. Again the more you have visitors the more you will earn money.

Updating Your Blog

Update your blog on regular basis. Don’t leave it in a status quo. Post 2 or 3 new articles daily. Also post new videos and images from time to time to keep your reader involved. You may even make changes in apparent settings occasionally to lure visitors’ eye. Your customers will increase as already existing viewers are going to recommend your blog to others.

Blog Content

Be a professional if you want to make money blogging. Don’t write lousy, slack and grammatically poor standard content. Moreover content quality should also be high. Poor grammar, spelling mistakes and sub-standard content leaves a bad impression on your readers. They despise such posts and ultimately leave visiting your blog.

On the other hand good content attracts visitors and they recommend your blog to others as well. High quality content is ranked high in searches and you are likely to get more Ads and earn more money.

Join Paid Blogging Networks

Joining paid blogging networks helps to promote your blog. You can join other sites and blogs for programs that are being promoted on them. Also check out for new startups. Write reviews and comments on your products and services. People will like to read reviews and comments before making any purchase. Your online customer ship will increase. 

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