20 Facts About Facebook Management Strategies

Marketing on Facebook has become the latest trend every business is following – simply because this platform has over one billion users accessing it on a daily basis. Listed below are 20 facts about Facebook management strategies that can help boost traffic to a business web page.

20 Facts About Facebook Management Strategies

Fact #1 Facebook has a huge potential for every business. It offers great promotional opportunities for any business and can help attract new customers.

Fact #2 Facebook gives benefits to social media. Continuous interviews show that 49% of connections with small businesses were found to be beneficial in social media efforts.

Fact #3 Facebook strategies play a huge role. New businesses that fail to make an impact on Facebook usually fail to realize that strategies are important in marketing on this platform.

Fact #4 Focusing solely on attracting new customers won’t help. There is a need to motivate fans to  share the business page.         

Fact #5 The Insights tool is valuable. Its data is an important resource in accomplishing specific marketing goals.

Fact #6 Facebook Ads work like crazy. Invest in Facebook ads to have a huge boost in traffic. It is among the fail-safe Facebook strategies with a proven ROI.

Fact #7 Photos boost engagement. Be creative and use interesting images in promotional activities since posts with photos and catchy titles attract users.

Fact #8 An attractive logo helps a business brand. It gets better recognized with a good logo; if budget permits, custom-designed by professionals would be better.

Fact #9 Active audience can generate greater following. Putting up posts when page followers are more active gives better results. Behavioral study and posting accordingly are important.

Fact #10 Facebook strategies should be periodically fine-tuned. After analyzing the statistics, try ways to improve in order to get maximum returns from marketing on Facebook.

Fact #11 Frequent calls-to-action is a great motivation for followers. Putting up a call-to-action on the cover page can motivate fans to like and share content.

Fact #12 Regularly updating page’s cover photos and profile pictures helps. Any change in pages definitely shows up on fans’ news feed. These updates have the potential to engage both new and existing fans.

Fact #13 Observe what works and what doesn’t. Many successful businesses marketing on Facebook study their statistics carefully to understand where they can target the audience better.

Fact #14 Look at the page from fans’ perspective. Viewing pages from fans’ outlook helps understand what’s attractive and what might sound very pushy.

Fact #15 Encouraging comments from fans engages the followers. Comments are more likely to grab an attention of potential customers so motivate the existing fans to comment on the business page.

Fact #16 Updates work best with links. A recent study done by a successful Facebook marketer has revealed that links in updates work far better than links anywhere else.

Fact #17 Connecting other social pages with Facebook is important. There is a need to put a Facebook icon on other social pages that will encourage audiences to pay a visit to interlinked sites.

Fact #18 Tools maximize the marketing strategy. One of the biggest pluses about Facebook tools is that they simplify your marketing efforts and bring a jump in traffic to your business.

Fact #19 Regular updates is paramount to stay relevant. Any change on the page will keep the business brand relevant to the followers and can also boost traffic.

Fact #20 Being creative helps the brand to stand out. The most successful marketers on Facebook are creative and innovative.

20 Facts About Facebook Management Strategies

Follow the strategies above and don’t hesitate to experiment. Who knows? You might be the next big marketer on Facebook. Go ahead and find out what works best for your business.

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