What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Basically put, SEO is the science (& as much an art, if I may add) of maneuvering or optimizing search engine results for specific keywords to ones advantage. Business- wise, it is the best way to get the most relevant & qualified leads to your net site. In some cases, it could even involve pushing up the favorable reviews or trying to bury the negative ones to make you look lovely. In case you are wondering whether this is legal, it most definitely is, as long as the methods used & the intent behind them are. There is a very narrow line between unethical & ethical SEO, but crossing that line can show deadly for any business. Google & all other major search engines have the rights to blacklist any company found to be dabbling in doubtful SEO practices.

Most standard SEO practices work on improving web-site design and popularity the factors that have been seen to have the maximum impact on search engine rankings. Web-site design is basically the structure of a web-site or what is named "on-page factors," which allows it to be read and indexed by a search engine. On the other hand, popularity is about the way you are viewed by peer sites (as measured by how lots of of them provide links to you) and their popularity in turn, often called "off-page factors."

So, theoretically can try for the top spot in search engine rankings, except for a tiny problems keywords. Different users type in different keywords and you cannot by hand optimize your site for all feasible keywords in all feasible search engines. Difficult choices need to me made, basis competition for a given keyword and the feasible benefit it carries for your business.

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