Do you actually need to monetize your blog?

Some people have strong personal feelings with respect to making money from their blogs. In the event you think commercializing your weblog is nasty, immoral, unethical, uncool, lame, greedy, obnoxious, or anything along those lines, then don't commercialize it.

If you have mixed feelings about monetizing your weblog, then sort out those feelings first. In the event you think monetizing your site is amazing, fine. In the event you think it is nasty, fine. But make up your mind before you seriously think about beginning down this path. In the event you require to succeed, you must be congruent. Generating income from your weblog is challenging you don't require to be dealing with self-sabotage simultaneously. It ought to feel genuinely nice to earn income from your weblog you ought to be driven by a healthy ambition to succeed. If your weblog provides genuine value, you fully deserve to earn income from it. If, however, you find yourself filled with doubts over whether this is the right path for you, you might find this news story helpful . How Egocentric Are You? It is about balancing your needs with the needs of others.

If you do select to generate income from your weblog, then don't be shy about it. If you're going to put up ads, then put up ads. Don't stick a puny tiny commercial square in a remote corner somewhere. If you're going to request donations, then request donations. Don't put up a barely visible Donate link & pray for the best. If you're going to sell products, then sell them. Generate or acquire the best quality products you can, & give your visitors compelling reasons to buy. If you're going to do this, then fully commit to it. Don't take a half-asses approach. Either be full-asses or no-asses .

You can expect that when you start commercializing a free site, some people will complain, depending on the way you do it.

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