Integrating Social Networking

By currently you have got most likely heard of or could also be using Twitter and Facebook, 2 of the foremost in style social networking sites. thus why not use them to drive traffic to your website as well? Yes, that means additional accounts to line up, manage, and post to, however it'll hopefully improve your blog presence. 

In integrating with Facebook and Twitter, you expand your blog’s visibility in that in using them folks find you which will haven't otherwise. for instance, suppose you set your Facebook badge on your blog’s sidebar and ten of your blog readers request tobe a Facebook friend. Their Facebook friends could read their wall and verify regarding you and become your Facebook friends still. this kind of growth and exposure will continue exponentially through Facebook networking. And whereas exposed on Facebook, friends might want to search out out additional regarding you and visit the net sites (blogs) you have got listed on your Facebook account. Furthermore, Facebook isused to attach with friends or colleagues you haven't seen or been in-tuned with for a few time. 

Twitter is another in style networking tool within which you post tiny messages to your Twitter followers (personal or business). Your Twitter followers could also be anentirely new set of potential customers (separate from and additionally to your Facebook friends). within the next exercise, you'll add a widget using Twitter to show yourlast 5 Twitter messages (called “Tweets”) in your blog’s sidebar allowing your blog readers an choice to follow you onTwitter or simply to remain updated with what you're tweeting regarding.
Create a Twitter Account and show Twitter Updates

You'll add a gadget to your sidebar displaying the last 5 Tweets from your Twitter account. If you have already got a Twitter account, still Step seven.
1. head to
2. Click register currently.
3. Enter your full name, username, email, password, and verification text strings; accept the terms; and click on produce My Account.
4. Click ensuing Step: Friends button to continue.
5. Click Next Step: Others to continue.
6. Click Next Step: You’re Done. Your Twitter account has currently been created.
7. head to log in to Twitter.
8. Once logged in, click the read Code hyperlink and therefore the HTML code you wish are displayed (see Figure 4-11). 

9. choose and duplicate the code.
10. From the Dashboard, head to style, Page parts, and Add a Gadget.
11. opt for HTML/JavaScript.
12. Enter “Follow Me” because the title.
13. Paste the code into the big text box.
14. Click Save.
15. Drag and drop where you'd just like the gadget to seem in your sidebar.
16. Click read Blog.

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