Formatting a Post & Deleting a Post

Let’s review some basic formatting techniques:
•  If you would like to format a bit of text like “The good Landscape” within the previous example (see Figure 2-10), initial choose the words “The good Landscape” and click on daring, click the Font Color icon and select a inexperienced, and choose the middle justification tool.

•  If you would like to form a hyperlink, choose a word or phrase, click Link (blue hyperlink), and enter the URL to the net page during which you'd wish to link.
• to start a numbered or bulleted list, attend a blank line and click on the required formatting tool and start typing. once you hit the ENTER key on the keyboard, it'll automatically insert following variety or a further bullet.
•  Before posting, it's a decent plan to click the Check Spelling. it'll highlight the misspelled words in yellow where you'll then click those words for suggestions. When finished, click Done Spellchecking.
• once formatting, continue making the remainder of your post, and publish or save as draft (see Figure 2-11 for a final read of the post).

There could also be occasions once you have to be compelled to delete a post. you will try this if a promotion you were running is not any longer active or the post content is not any longer relevant. If you're unsure regarding deleting a post, set it back to draft standing (drafts don't seem on your blog).

When you are finished operating in your blog, bear in mind to sign out. You don’t wish your readers to see all the wrenches showing whereas you're engaged on your blog and whereas you're logged in.

1.  From the Dashboard, click Edit Posts (see Figure 2-8).
2.  To delete the “We’re Online!” post, look to the proper facet and click on Delete. Confirm
the deletion.
3.  If you required to delete multiple posts, you'll check them off using the check boxes to the left of every post you would like to delete.
4.  Click the Delete button at very cheap and once more ensure the deletion.

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