Editing a Post

In this Article you may find out how to edit a post and insert an image:

1.  From the Dashboard, click Edit Posts (see Figure 2-8) and you may see a listing of all your posts (at this point, you've got solely created one). If you're still viewing your blog, click the rear button in your browser, then click on Dashboard from the highest right. 
2.  Notice that you just will kind and notice posts by their “status” or All, Drafts, Scheduled, Imported, or revealed. conjointly note what percentage posts are given the various Labels listed on the left aspect.

3.  On the post “We’re Online!” (or no matter title you had given your post), click Edit to the left to open the post once more.
4.  Click the Insert Image icon on the toolbar to insert an image. it's the third icon from the left.
5.  Click Browse to upload a picture from your laptop (see Figure 2-9). Locate the picture you'd prefer to upload. you may be came to the current screen with alittle picture preview. Click alright to insert the image. Note that you just may also upload an online image employing a internet address.

6.  Once inserted, place your mouse pointer over the image and alittle menu appears (see Figure 2-10) where you'll amendment the dimensions of your image, align it, or take away it.

7. Click Publish Post.
8. If you'd like, click read Post once more to envision how it currently appearance. i counsel doing this
so you recognize how your readers see your posts.

In addition to editing a post by inserting pictures (or alternative media), you will conjointly format text including changing the font, font size, color and alignment, inserting a hyperlink, and a lot of (see  Figure 2-10). Place your mouse pointer over any toolbar icon to envision the tool tip (name of the item like the “B” for Bold). several of those tools are the image of those employed in common word processors like Microsoft Word and are applied constant approach by choosing specific text. 

■ Note: standard keyboard shortcuts conjointly work in Blogger’s post editor, as well as CTRL + B for daring and CTRL + I for italic (where CTRL is that the management key on your keyboard).

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