Facebook will begin testing a huge drone summer

This month, Facebook has successfully tested a prototype unmanned aerial vehicle on solar batteries. In the summer as planned test flight of the UAV with a wingspan of up to 10 times more - as the aircraft Boeing 737. As reported by The Wall Street Journal, in spite of the impressive size, weighs like a drone as a small car.

The project is called Facebook Aquila, it is realized in the framework of the Internet.org, which also involved companies such as Ericsson, Nokia, Qualcomm, Samsung and others. The project will provide access to the Internet by means of unmanned aerial vehicles Solar in remote regions and developing countries.

Drones can be in flight at an altitude of about 20 thousand. Meters for months. Flight altitude UAV will protect from the weather and winds, they will not interfere with the planes making commercial flights. To transfer data plan to use technology FSO (Free Space Optics): information reaches the destination through the atmosphere by means of electromagnetic waves in the optical range.

However, while all this in theory, since before the launch of the online drones Facebook engineers will ensure safety, entered into a partnership with telecom operators and ISP.

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