The new smart bracelet for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone

The new smart bracelet for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone
The Microsoft Band you measure your heart rate, ultraviolet rays and is the first product that will connect to the Microsoft platform health.

Microsoft finalizes the rumors of his first product of the portable or wearable technology with Microsoft Band.

Microsoft New Bracelet Band has 10 sensors, a battery that lasts up to two days and is available from $ 199.

A heartbeat detector, infrared sensor, a sensor for measuring stress and GPS, are some of the components of the Microsoft Band. The bracelet built with a thermal plastic material, which makes it soft, supple and comfortable, has a small 1.4 inch touch screen with a resolution of only 320 × 160, your battery is 100mAh and has a microphone so that Cortana understand your voice commands, only when you use a phone with Windows Phone.

The bracelet is just the beginning of the great project of Microsoft which is based on the Health application that wants to be the health center of our lives. The bracelet is compatible with Windows Phone, iPhone and Android.

Microsoft Band has a strong focus on being the monitor of exercise chosen to todaclase users, but also get all kinds of notifications, such as e-mails, appointment reminders, calls, notices of Twitter and Facebook, climate, financial market information and others.

Microsoft Bracelet Band also works with MyGitnessPal, RunKeeper and MapMyFitness.

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