2015 The 7 Core Values of a blogger +1

2015 The 7 Core Values of a blogger +1

Write our blog, sharing experiences, values, and knowledge in the network, or with which we identify and which in turn allow us to stay in this amazing activity as blogger .

2015 The 7 Core Values of a blogger +1

1. Honesty. Telling the truth, so easy, never lie. This quality allows you to earn the trust and respect from your readers. When we make a dishonest practice as bloggers ?, (1) to create false expectations when we offer something, (2) to ensure that we know something being this false, (3) to say that we who "not us", etc. Without honesty hardly survive a blog.

2. Humility. In a blog you share but also enrich you from others, if it does not, the meaning is lost. Feeling that the absolute knowledge of all things has, is egotism, and this is far from humility. It is also important to know how to accept others if we are wrong, and apologize if it happens.

3. Consistency and perseverance. Write steadily requires high doses of motivation to not lose that spark or impulse, you need to be persistent, always striving. To stay on course, it is necessary to make goals and work to achieve them, perseverance allows us to achieve them. Perseverance is a value that we built from childhood, and whether this was very poor, have to exercise it with great pleasure.

4. Communication. Innately have the quality to communicate. As a blogger, communication arises from the desire to share with others, and strengthens the generosity that involves sharing something. The communication time, allowing you to broadcast your knowledge with others, values and experiences, seeking mutual enrichment. Undoubtedly the main quality to start a blog.

5. The generosity. One of the things I admire most is the quality of others, of "giving without expecting anything in return." Very often I find shared on blogs, wonderful tips that teach me to conduct a personal project, which required time and effort to be exposed on a blog delicious recipes, and thus get to everyone.

6. Tolerance. Surely we will not agree with all points of view in a blog, or comments, or any other website, but it is important to accept these ideas or views, in the end, not all are equal, and everyone has a say or express themselves freely. Also, never forget to be respectful when we communicate our opposition or disagreement.

7. Respect. Certainly all the effort and work that bloggers in their different themes, deserve respect and consideration. It is important to respect the terms of use of some resources available to different websites, such as credits in the tutorials or publications, etc. Do you respect that?

+1. The responsibility. Quoted in the end, but no less important. This value, in practice, promotes trust that our readers may have towards us. We practice for example when we worry about providing accurate and reliable information; for this, it is necessary then fine research a topic we want to share, and always write the references and / or sources.

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