Honda and Nvidia will bring Android to Honda Civic

Honda and Nvidia will bring Android to Honda Civic and other Honda cars with Connect

Honda and Nvidia will bring the new intelligent system Android car called Honda to Connect to the Honda Civic, Civic and CR-V Tourer. Connect Honda has 7-inch screen and Tegra processor.

Honda began working with Nvidia to bring Honda Connect to company cars.

Honda Connect is a system with Nvidia Tegra processor and Android on a touch screen of 7 inches. The Android version in the new system of Honda cars have a modified interface that simplifies content that does not distract the driver and can display only the necessary.

The new system also features Honda App Center, an application for music, podcasts and other content for the driver to enjoy while driving.

The Honda Connect, which is different from Android Auto, begin to appear in the 2015 Honda Civic, Civic and CR-V Tourer in Europe, but it is expected that in the future come to Latin America and the United States.

A few weeks ago we learned that Toyota would be integrating a new system into their cars to use a Nexus 7 as the center of the Intelligent System for Toyota. Audi is also looking to do something similar with another Android tablet with Audi Smart Display.

Although Honda's Connect is a new system for cars, the most interesting is that Android has KitKat L or Android Jelly Bean Android and neither really has Honda Connect Android Ice Cream Sandwich.


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