You Can Live In This Advertising? Google AdSense

You Can Live In This Advertising? Google AdSense
The vast majority of the owners of blogs and websites that do not know how to position themselves in the major search engines, having enough traffic or not know how to use this tool you speak of additional income, but the truth is that you can live revenue generated by Google AdSense.

I can not tell you that I live for this blog, is a new theme and a little traffic and lots of competition site. Already this fact alone it's any benchmark to know why many bloggers live in their blogs monetized with Google AdSense. You can express the reality of very crude way, but it's true.

Living The Generated Revenue With Google AdSense Advertising

If you want to live off the income generated from this advertising, you need to invest time, work smart and very organized, learn the basics of SEO, especially having passion for blogging activity. Learn to do well and dare to put into practice knowledge.

Many who today generate large profits with this free advertising on their blogs or blogger who bought a domain and on any platform are presenting their checks hundreds and even thousands of dollars, they succeeded with their work, creativity and because trained for it and put into practice what they learned.

Tips To Make More Money With Google AdSense

This advice is to apply as much what we learn and what we put in some practice if you really want to live on Google and their advertising, do not fall into the temptation of laziness. Google already lives with you, you learn to live with a capital G giant.

Follow Google trends regarding their algorithm, which Google considers to position a website, identifies practices penalized and avoid them, the repair is already committed.

Generate qualified traffic, he can be interested in your advertising. The ads are directly dependent on the content of your website and in some cases already known preferences Google user who visits you.

Investigate which ads are best for base pay is good income with AdSense. I have several Christian blogs and clicks ads pay slightly while business are paying more. They work very well the talk of health, eduction, lawyers, finance and competed very issues that involve money.

- Before writing an article looking at the Google AdWords estimate of people seeking such information and that there is competition for the same, likewise investigates charges as Google AdWords advertising campaign for such keywords. Doing this guarantee offer content that people are looking for, we can position and generate good ads.

Use the recommended ad formats, these do not work the same for all blogs and websites, but you can experiment and see how making changes work best for your website. In my case I use formats work me.

We observed that the sizes seem to be most effective are the large rectangle of 336 x 280, medium rectangle 300 x 250, the horizontal skyscraper of 728 x 90 and width 160 x 600 skyscraper.

Use color combinations that allow your ads look as natural as possible, as part of the website. I personally work the default which is combined with the template.

 Avoid the mistake of thinking only image ads on the aesthetics of the blog because many advertisers text formats are willing to pay and if you put both formats, the competition to appear on your blog or website and the cost is greater per click increases. Remember that we want to live with AdSense revenue.

If your blog allows speaks of seasonal themes, which are fashionable. like crazy looking information. The article in question is a lot of traffic to along with others on the same subject.

Work the PageRank of your site, social authority and is having little cup bounce. This is the same order: upload your scores before Google, have good recommendations from your users within your blog, social networks and other websites and finally promotes permanency for several minutes of your visits.

For your users last longer on your blog, you can follow these tips:
  • The appearance of your blog, this look as professional as possible, clean and safe.
  • Avoid unnecessary requests to install cookies.
  • Avoid pop only annoy the user.
  • Do not put too many ads, your visitors should see that they offer information and no ads.
  • Write articles of 500-700 words, very short post as well as being very quick read, and tell Google users who do not have mastery of the subject. Moreover, this type of content from 200 to 300 words will be penalized with lower positioning.

Link your entries each, this way if you do well positioned better and last longer users in making the blog better position and increasing the chance that your sponsors are visited. Link only publications that relate to each other and phrases that are included in the holders of such tickets.

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