Why your Blog are not Shared and Commented or Discussed?

Why your Blog are not Shared and Commented or Discussed

Many novice bloggers and some bloggers were greater wonder why the blog entries were not shared and commented on by their audiences. There were some compelling reasons for users to share and comment on your articles. Here  are some of those reasons Why your Blog are not Shared and Commented or Discussed?.

Not unique and quality content

Most people love to read articles that are educational fresh update information. They could learn about new knowledge that gives them more experience and learning experience.

Do you know?

They may want to share data value or educational articles to friends, schools and families since valuable expertise development. That's a simple reason why blog posts are not shared and commented or not at all. Readers will enjoy and share articles, if you wrote a quality, previously included learning benefits.

Nor private relationship

How many people in their connection to social networks? And you have a strong relationship with them?

Well, private relationship is the reason why most blog posts, and opinions were not shared. I have 2k + follower 2k + fans, and connect 1k + friends, especially I have built a strong relationship with these people.

Each time, I shared some information on the profile of social media always help spread my information shared and commented on posts and is popular liberation. Therefore, to build a stronger relationship set up the problem and give the answer why blog is not shared and commented on by others.

I suggested to spend at least 30 minutes to 1 hour daily to the community with the other friend who connect through them and talk of a social relationship.

Shares undelecies posts

Some blogger just shared only links that make other difficult people and wondering about what inside the link. Moreover, the links could attract other users of social media.

Now a day most people are very busy with your current job, so you never lose your time to click on some links and no valuable information.

The time constrain is another important reason why no blog posts were shared and discussed. In reality, most love to keep working and do not want to interrupt your work without any benefit as your link.

To make those people value their time jumping to click on the link you have to put some actions call as added attractive image and brief information on the content of value within the article.

You do not have a group participating in the social media network

Social Media Strategy are as WTO trade. None of Traders members have fewer benefits of doing international trade.

You know there is a group call CommentsDX that all members can exchange some opinions with other members and get the value of share to post each other. When you ask a question why the blog entries were not shared and discussed, you should ask yourself that you have collectively, all networks or groups that benefit from increased more blog, comment and share.

May never share mind, why blog posts were shared and discussed by me

When I first put integrated social media as a marketing strategy, I am afraid to share other bloggers and competing messages.

I'm really wondering about my audience will move to other bloggers or websites for my competition. But absolutely no, sharing other competitors or Post bloggers made ​​public by those who love and enjoy more great resources for information of all their social profiles.

At some point in your post will be shared and commented on by others and always do or tell them.

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