Google Adsense Tips to Earn More Money

Google Adsense Tips to Earn More Money

Google Adsense is the largest advertising system that exists on the Internet, is the most reliable and is the best paying these days to bloggers and content publishers who have decided to place ads on their sites, but how can we really increase our profits legal way and earn thousands of dollars more? You can increase our income with Adsense in less than 6 months and have to earn a few cents to a couple of thousands of dollars or is it just talk?

Believe me, you do not talk, myself it takes me several months to study the issue of Adsense when I started in the blogging and my first articles I could see after trial and error some simple things we can do to increase our revenues following the advice of books like Joel Comm (the biggest Google Adsense specialist in the world) and also my own "tricks" to generate more clicks and impressions, here I share some:

1 - Attracts Visitors and Traffic: One of the things I learned is that the simpler the item you're posting on your blog within the subject matter is, it is the greater possibility of generating income you have because the rookies who are looking for answers simple and are coming to your blog through Google searches are the least known of online advertising and if optimizing color and position of the post is "camouflaged" then they will click almost instinctively.

Attracting traffic is an art that can take you some time achieved by positioning strategies for search engines (SEO) but without a doubt are the greatest flow of earnings that can generate if you can position your articles and blog for all your specific niche markets .

2 - Your Blog Must be Prepared: Place ads in conspicuous places, for example below titles. It is legal? Yes, it is perfectly legal and you can do it in a few simple steps to transform the code and publishing it in your template (if you use Blogger).

3 - Format of the Adsense ads: Large ... think big. Ads that work best are the listings of 360 x 250 and like that, why? Because they are more visible! Unable to ignore the contents of a big announcement and less if an image ad.

4 - Write and publish regularly: When it comes to SEO traffic, Google does not give the same value to a blog posting once every five months to one published weekly or even blogs with daily updates as the Googlebot will love fresh content when cooler and "nutritious" (from the point of view of the key words) your blog is more likely to appear in Google and you obviously have more impressions on your ads for Adsense.

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