What's New in WordPress 3.9?

What's New in WordPress 3.9?

 Recently a WordPress software update was released, probably the last version 3.xx Unlike the previous version, many updates have Wp3.9 based editor such as adding images, multimedia playlists, editing and real-time visualization of themes, etc..

Smith is the name of the new version of WordPress, which is based on the popular music of the 60s jazz .
Should I upgrade my WordPress?

Generally wordpress users do not update the software immediately expecting any reported bug or incompatibility with plugins or themes in use, for that reason we must take into account many aspects before upgrading to WordPress 3.9

What to do before you upgrade ?

As recommendation is always good to have a copy of your site on a subdomain or have a test blog with the same theme and plugins to our official blog to test compatibility. If all goes well , we can update our version of WordPress. Remember that if you are using a demo or test block should blog tracking search engines.

If you use a theme, mainly payment , you should check for updates to its developers to see if there is a problem with the new version of WordPress.

The editor has been improved and is responsive and faster with mobile terminal. The option to " Copy from Word " was deleted .

The editing is now easier because it allows us to work with them without leaving the editor and can drag the images from the folder where we saved on our computer. It also allows you to create photo galleries, audio playlists and videos without using plugins.

Ready to use WordPress 3.9? If you've updated your blog, you've had problems after the update?

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