MomentCam, the photo app you need to know

I do not usually talk about specific applications in this blog, although I must admit that I have left aside the news in the technology section I focus much more passionate about the tips and tricks about the Blogging world .

MomentCam, the photo app you need to know

For this reason I have decided to take up these issues and bring a weekly recommendation whether it's an app, a hosting service or promotion that may be useful to them for their blogs . Without much rodeo I want to share a very popular application for mobile platforms, as well as being interesting is really fun .

What is Momentcam ?

If the name sounds familiar because the same name gives you a clue , you're right ! It is a photo application that allows changes in seconds to your photograph and turn it into a cartoon or anime. The result is spectacular and fun , so I recommend to create avatars for your blog or a personal blog you can use the picture in the header and better with some editing program such as Paint or Photoshop.

MomentCam is officially available for mobile platforms like Android, iOS , but can also download for Windows MomentCam an interesting alternative.

Using MomentCam on your computer?

Since there is no official option for PC , you can use an emulator that allows to download and install the app as if you used your phone and access the app store . On the net you can find many options including " Bluestacks " or own "Android SDK" , you must seek and download it like any other program in a. Exe

Once you have downloaded the emulator you can open the app store and search " Momentcam " and follow the installation normally , remember this is just like your mobile device. If your PC does not have a camera to take the picture to process, you can select a photograph you have stored on your computer and perform the transformation.

Momentcam can fully customize your original photo from the kind of face , eyes , eyebrows and beard add , etc and most interesting is that you can share or save instantly. In the following video you can see how the application works on your mobile .

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