8 Keys to Build a Successful Blog

8 Keys to Build a Successful Blog

In recent days I have received several emails from my subscribers in which I say that do not quite know how to create a blog to be successful and profitable. Although I write a step by step guide I leave today 8 important keys that anyone who wants to create a blog or business website should ensure to implement.

1 Contents (Very useful, informative, free and easy to understand) .
 If you offer quality content, well written , original and easy to understand your chances of getting quality links and social media exposure increase significantly . ( Read my other post Today everything revolves around the information. If you are able to pass it in a way that highlights automatically be one step ahead of the crowd.

2 Basic SEO .
You do not have to be an expert in SEO ( Read for successes for your site is listed properly in major search engines.

Here are a few basic but important tips :
  • Use the "title" tag.
  • Use optimal but naturally keywords
  • Use good headlines in your articles
  • Offers easy navigation and neat website .
  • Use the proper H1 , H2 and H3 tags
  • Includes a Sitemap.xml .
  • Use Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics.
  • Uses a Robots.txt file.• Use proper structure permalinks
  • Avoid duplicate content.Design

3 Not only just good content, your website should be appealing to the eye. 
Avoid free templates and modify payment sure to suit your taste . If your budget permits hire a designer to create one site for you.

4 Competitors .
Whatever you do you do better than your competitors. Use them to learn what works for them and what not. Do not treat your competition so hostile , befriend them. If your competition dominate your niche , learn how they got there and let them be your mentors (Read

5 Promoting .
Promote your website whenever you can without overdoing it ( do not be a spammer ) ( Read .

Here are some points to consider :

  • Use Facebook , Twitter, Google+ , LinkedIn , Pinterest or any other popular social network .
  • Comment on other blogs related to your niche .
  • Participate in the forums.
  • Write guest posts author .  .
  • Use paid ads if necessary ( Adwords ) .
  • If you make good use of these tips you will soon significantly increase visitors to your site .

6 Speed .
Try to make your site load as fast as possible by two key factors: user experience and SEO . Consider these points :
  • Use a good server hosting.
  • Optimizes code
  • Optimize images .
  • Use tools like Google Speed, YSlow and Pingdom .
  • Compress your pages with Gzip .
  • Make your pages are stored in cache memory.
  • Use a CDN .
  • If you are using scripts put them at the end or you use the asynchronous loading .
  • Avoid redirects where possible .Post

7 List and RSS .
Many times especially when we are beginning we may be overwhelmed by the amount of information that must be assimilated . We also think that many of the tips are irrelevant and not worth it . I ask you to answer it well to this : Getting people to your mailing list and your RSS is what will make you money subscribe. Do not know how? Read my post : Mailing List & Email Marketing.Recommended: Why pay Aweber if Mailchimp is free .

8 Monetization .
This is the icing on the cake . It's time to reap the rewards of your work but I recommend you do not hurry first wait for your site to have an acceptable level of daily visitors and subscribers . There is something called " Minimum Viable Hearing " from which I will be writing soon . ( Read  
 In any case there are three (not unique ) fundamental methods to make money with your blog , namely
  • Commercials ( a fairly high level of traffic required)
  • Affiliate ( One of the best ways , especially if you're just starting ) .
  • Your own products. ( The best and the most profitable ) .

 To learn more how to monetize a blog , see my post here : .Of course, these eight keys is not everything you need to learn and implement but I would say are essential. Either way the most important thing is to do your own testing and Determines what works best for you.

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