Top Ways to Increase Your Website CTR Easily

Top Ways to Increase Your Website CTR Easily

Google Adsens is a most popular for money making, but how we can increase CTR. It can be not a fun to constantly test out new ways to get more people clicking through from your articles to your blogs and website.

What you can do as an alternative is to steadily increase the performance of each new article you write. In other words, take steps to constantly improve the CTR of your articles.

In this article, I’m going to show you easy seven ways to attractively increase that CTR with each and every article you write.

Top 7 Ways to Increase Your Website CTR Easily

Provide Great Content
The value of the content could be a reason why your click-through rate isn’t as high as you’d like it to be. If the value of your content doesn’t impress your audience, they’re going to look somewhere else for answers. After all, if readers click away from an article before getting to the end of it, they’re not going to even see your links.
Refine Keywords and Key phrases
The closer you target your audience with keywords and key phrases, the better the chances they’ll read your entire article and click on your links to find out more. Find words that clearly define your topic, yet aren’t so specific that nobody would ever search for them.
Write Shorter Articles
We measure the average attention span for most Internet users in seconds rather than minutes. Most readers are looking for value-packed articles under 1,000 words. Opening a page to a brilliantly written 1,500-word article is more likely to scare your readers off than to draw them in. Plus, a shorter article means a shorter trip from the title to your Resource Box.
Make Articles Visually Appealing
Incorporate simple formatting tricks to break up text. Line breaks, bolded subheadings and bullet lists are all quick ways to transform a big block of text into an organized, readable article.
Make Your Resource Box Clear
The Resource Box is not the place to list all of your accomplishments or provide a laundry list of awards. Keep it short and sweet so that your call-to-action and links clearly stand out.
Polish Your Crystal Clear Call-to-Action
Telling your readers what you want them to do and why they should do it is another possible way to increase your click-through rate. If the audience doesn’t know what to do next, you’ll lose them.
Give Something Away 
Tell your readers what they’ll get from going to your website. You’re more likely to get them to click through to your site if they know the value of what they’re getting. It could be something simple like a PDF report or special discount coupon, or a complimentary ebook or MP3 file.

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