Bloggers Own SEO Options Free Services

Bloggers Own SEO Options Free Services
Blogger has launched a new section of options that can help improve the SEO of your blog, they are very basic questions perhaps, but important. This new section is called Search settings and is in Setup → Preferences → Desktop Search.

Let's look at one to one operation:

Meta tags.
The famous meta tags, meta tags and the were translated allow give information on each search engine page to now by Blogger lets add one general description of it blog.

Errors and redirects.
Message personalized page not found.Set a message for the famous Error 404, now we can do more original and more useful.

Custom redirect.
As the name suggests, this option allows you to redirect certain URLs, is that the page does not exist, has a page link incorrectly or simply redirect to a recent post this tool will be very useful.Trackers and index .

Custom robots.txt file.
The robots.txt file is a very powerful tool to indicate that content should be tracked and which not. The instructions are written directly and Blogger will generate the file automatically.

Custom header tags robots.
This option is similar to the above characteristic function but works through the headers of each query and to indicate, inter alia, indexing, tracking and use of content by bots, particularly the sections: Home , archive and search pages and individual publications: posts and pages.

Blogger was / is one of the least flexible platforms for SEO, tools are few and easy to implement, so this new section to help improve this aspect, even though they still have many tasks to do.

For me it's funny how on the one hand Google gives a number of recommendations for the proper tracking of content and secondly, does not give enough tools for implementation in its most popular content generation service.

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