How to Add Your Blog at Facebook

How to Add Your Blog at Facebook

How to profit on social media networking sites is a large way to encourage your blog online. This brings a allotment of traffic to your blog by appealing potential tourists as well as by holding hold of the living viewers.

In this connection we are going to notify you 5 easy steps to add your blog to your Facebook profile. It is the best way to encourage your blog because, when you add your blog to your profile, a snippet of your newest mail mechanically appears on your profile’s dwelling page. Actually it is your profile’s rank revise which helps you in your blog promotion efforts. Your followers, when attached with you, will mechanically see that snippet. It will emerge on their Facebook rank revisions page and they are expected to click on it. This will direct them to your blog to read your post.

Following are couple of very simple steps to add your blog to your Facebook profile.

  • Proceed to your Facebook Profile page and select the backgrounds" tab under the "What are you doing now?" in rank revise carton.
  • Under "Stories Posted by You", there is an interface, "You can mechanically import activity from YouTube, Flickr and other services to your profile." You should choose the "other services" link.
  • Choose "Blog/RSS" on the extreme right edge of the sheet.
  • Enter the complete “URL” for your blog.
  • Now your blog feed will be automatically presented to your Facebook rank revisions.

Next time when you will publish a Post on your blog, you will see that mail seems as a snippet on your Facebook profile sheet as a rank update. If your Facebook profile is public, any person on the internet can glimpse it.

So you glimpse how very simple it is to expand your efforts to promote your blog by dispersing the word about your blog using your Facebook profile. It is so easy that it will just take 2 minutes to do all that.

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